Actua Camp Satisfaction Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

Available at, the Actua camp satisfaction survey is a tool through which Actua would like to know how well its initiatives to enlighten and educate the youth of Canada are taking shape or reaching fruition. The survey would help Actua realize if there are any loopholes that it needs to take care of. Also, the survey would throw some light on its volunteers’ performance.

Actua reaches out to the interior regions of Canada and wants them to get the same level of enrichment and education most urban lads receive. The survey would help them comprehend if its initiatives that seem great on paper are turning out equally good in reality as well. Despite having been in the education industry for a couple of decades, Actua still continues to expand its wings, and surveys such as these help the non-profit organization understand if it’s on the same tangent as its target audience.

About Actua

Actua is a charity firm that prepares youth to become leaders and innovators of the future by exposing them to exciting STEM experiences, which help build vital confidence and skills. To reach the youth, the firm allies with various colleges and schools. There’s also a country-level Outreach Team in place. Courtesy this collaboration, Actua is able to reach and inspire more than 225,000 youth annually, penetrating every territory and province in Canada through classroom workshops, summer camps, community outreach activities, and clubs.


Actua is not the only non-profit organization indulging in such youth-enlightening initiatives. But Actua takes a unique approach by reaching out to Canada’s remotest areas. The organization has been doing this for the past couple of decades. The firm is nationally recognized for its STEM outreach initiatives. That said, Actua is not just about STEM. It offers different kinds of camps for kids and youth to benefit from.

How to Enter the Actua Camp Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A computer or mobile device with Internet connection.
  • Login details to participate in the survey.
  • Ability to read and understand English.

Enter By Online:

  1. For the survey, head to
  2. On the page, you must choose the camp you recently participated in and a password. The camp to choose and password details would be provided by your instructor.
  3. Though Actua would like you to answer all questions, you may choose to skip questions if you don’t feel like answering them.
  4. Answer the questions taking into account your camp experience with Actua.
  5. Reflect your thoughts as honestly as candidly as possible. Actua would appreciate your genuine responses and comments as that would help the organization work on its drawbacks and offer a better camping experience in the future.
  6. By the way, the survey is optional. This means it’s perfectly fine if you choose to not take the survey.

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