RegisCorp Customer Satisfaction Survey

A satisfied customer is a great business strategy. By ensuring that customers are satisfied whenever they conduct business, a company can significantly improve customer loyalty. Customers who experience excellent customer service tend to refer their family and friends, thereby providing the business with invaluable amounts of positive advertising for free. According to research, the average satisfied customer shares his/her good customer service experience with at least two people. On the flip side, an unhappy consumer will tell between 8 and 10 people. In fact, these numbers can spread faster and escalate if unhappy customers decide to share their grievances on social media. The RegisCorp Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to measure customer satisfaction levels. By completing this survey, customers will get a chance to express their opinions and air their complaints.

Today, unhappy customers can have a huge effect on a company’s earnings. Since most consumers can connect with their followers on social media at the touch of a button, they can air their grievances in the heat of the moment while they are still bristling from being wronged. This is why many businesses have turned to social media to guard their reputations. They keep a nervous eye on their social media accounts and hold their breath, hoping that customers will make repeat purchases. Survey Details

Survey Name RegisCorp Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Official Website
Purchase Required Yes
Entry Type Online
Age Limit 18 Years and Over
Survey Reward
Entry Limit One per person per receipt
Receipt Expiry – Days

About RegisCorp

RegisCorp is one of the most successful hair salon chains in the world, with more than 10,000 locations, including both company operated salons and franchises. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company also owns other salon chains such as Carlton Hair, Images Salon, Best Cuts, Famous Hair, City Looks, Saturday’s, Michael of the Carlyle, Supercuts, Magicuts, Pro-Cuts, MasterCuts, Hair Crafters, and many other salon chains.


Regis Corporation was founded by Paul and Florence Kunin in 1922 as Kunin Beauty Salon. In 1958, it was renamed Regis by their son, Myron, who acquired the business.

How to Enter the RegisCorp Customer Satisfaction Survey

You will need:

  • A valid RegisCorp salon receipt with a survey invitation.
  • A PC, laptop or mobile device with Internet access.
  • A basic understanding of English.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit the survey site at
  2. Choose the salon where you received your survey invitation to begin the survey.
  3. Enter the following information from your survey invitation/receipt: state, city, store, date, ticket number, and stylist’s name.
  4. Answer all survey questions honestly.
  5. Submit the survey.


RegisCorp is providing its customers with a vehicle through which they can express their opinions and perceptions. The company hopes that customers, both satisfied and unsatisfied, will express themselves and share their experiences. The feedback received will help highlight the strengths and weaknesses in the services and products offered by the company, as well as areas or issues of importance to customers.

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