Bartell Drugs Customer Satisfaction Survey

Powered by InMoment Inc., the Bartell Drugs customer satisfaction survey is a tool that helps Bartell Drugs listen to the voice of its customers. The survey is available at, which is meant to gauge how satisfied Bartell customers are with the company’s drugs and other products, and comprehend dissatisfactions, if any.

Bartell Drugs has been in the business for more than a century, which is both a boon and bane. The pharmaceutical industry experience of Bartell Drugs is unparalleled. However, such a long presence may also mean difficulties abandoning old practices and replacing them with newer medical concepts. This survey is supposed to help Bartell Drugs understand if it’s keeping with the times.

About Bartell Drugs

Born in 1890, Bartell Drugs is a pharmacy that takes pride in its ability to provide innovative products, and a personalized and trusted pharmacy experience. During its initial years, George H. Bartell had only one humble mission: help buyers stay healthy and offer a variety of products that ensures customers keep coming back. Bartell is well-known for its innovation in retail and pharmacy. In fact, the company was among the first set of firms to adopt gelatin capsules.


Bartell Drugs is now the country’s longest-running, family-owned chain of drugstores. In 1938, George handed over the responsibility of the store to his son, Mr. Bartell Jr., who was at the helm of the firm for 50 years. After having served the company for 50 years, George Bartell Jr. handed over the reins of the company to his son, George D. Bartell, who served as CEO and chairman of the firm; and daughter, Jean Barber, who served as the company’s treasurer and vice chairman.

How to Participate in the Bartell Drugs Customer Satisfaction Survey


You Will Need:

  • A Bartell Drugs customer receipt.
  • A computer or mobile device with Internet connection.
  • The ability to read and understand basic English.


  1. To go to the survey page, head to On the page, you would be greeted with a pre-survey message. To enter the survey, type the 14-digit receipt code, and transaction date.
  2. Once you enter the correct receipt information, you would be presented with a set of questions that would revolve around your shopping experience at Bartell Drugs and what your overall take on Bartell Drugs’ products and services is, along with a word or two on customer service.
  3. Recollect your last shopping experience at Bartell Drugs and answer the questions accordingly.
  4. Answer the questions with candor and sans any hesitation.
  5. Once you’ve finished answering all the main survey questions, you would be asked for your personal contact details so that Bartell Drugs can contact you whenever a shopping deal or sale happens. Providing personal information is optional, by the way.
  6. If you have Bartell Drugs reward card, a coupon would be loaded to the card, which you may redeem at any Bartell Drugs store during your next shopping.

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