AL’s Customer Feedback Survey

If you usually shop at Al’s Supermarket, you are a treasured customer and your opinion is highly valued. Al’s Supermarket wants to hear from you. Your feedback is highly awaited. The team at Al’s Supermarket will take time to review your Al’s customer feedback survey. The managers of Al Supermarket understand the importance of customer service. That is why there is Al’s customer feedback survey. Completing this survey will not take you more than five minutes and you will end up providing the company with valuable insights.

Great brands like Al’s Supermarket are the product of the feedback of customers. Al’s Supermarket is in business because of shoppers like you. Therefore, you should let the company know your overall satisfaction with service delivery and product quality. Tell the team at Al’s Supermarket, how they can serve you better in future. You can rest assured that your complaints will find a listening ear and your compliments will find a grateful heart. As a token of appreciation, after you fill Al’s customer feedback survey, Al’s Supermarket will enter you into a monthly draw where you stand to win a $250 gift card.

About Al’s Supermarket

World War 2 ends. A family business begins. That business has served community and customers for over 70 years. The brainchild behind Al’s Supermarket is Al Pontius. After Al’s death in 2006, his children Gil Pontius and Alexis Pontius took over the running of the business.


Al’s appreciation for freshness, quality, cleanliness, and customer satisfaction are what made his business to grow fast. Al’s Supermarket started as a small store. Within a short time, it outgrew the small store making it necessary for the business to relocate to a bigger space on Michigan Boulevard. Even that ended up being too small and the supermarket took over the National Tea Store and was renamed Al’s Thrift-T-Mart.

How to Participate in the AL’s Customer Feedback Survey

What You Will Need:

  • A functional computer or mobile gadget.
  • A good internet connection.
  • A valid Al’s Supermarket receipt.
  • Ability to understand English.


  1. Visit
  2. Choose your location and click the ‘Start’ button.
  3. Take out your receipt. At the bottom, you will see a four-digit transaction number. Enter that number into the box provided and click ‘Next.’
  4. Answer the questions that follow based on your Al’s Supermarket shopping experience.
  5. Provide your full names, email, and phone number, to enter a monthly draw where you can win a $250 gift card.

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The people at Al’s Supermarket value you. They want you to become a repeat customer. They are constantly looking for ways to increase service delivery. By completing AL’s customer feedback survey, you will make it easy for Al’s Supermarket to serve you better in future.

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