Bakers Square Guest Satisfaction Survey

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Bakers Square Guest Satisfaction Survey, powered by the Service Management Group Inc., is a great way of letting the company know your thoughts and opinions about your most recent experience dining at one of their restaurants. The survey allows you the opportunity to leave feedback about their food, their menu selections, the service you received, the cleanliness of the restaurant and your overall experience.

Satisfaction surveys are important to many companies, such as Bakers Square, as it allows them to hear firsthand from the customer on how they are doing. If they receive too many negative comments and feedback, then they know they must take necessary steps to increase customer satisfaction. A good company wants their customers to have a positive experience each and every time. By taking just a few minutes out of your day to let Bakers Square know how they are doing, you ensure a better place to dine for you and other patrons.

About Bakers Square

Bakers Square’s official name is Bakers Square Restaurant and Pies. They are renowned for their pies and other desserts, but they also offer casual family dining with a full menu. Their menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert selection. They have 46 locations in the United States, primarily in the Upper Midwest and are currently headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The Bakers Square chain is owned by American Blue Ribbon Holdings LLC.


Their breakfast menu includes their signature skillet dishes, classic breakfast options and omelets and frittatas. The lunch and dinner menu boasts having salads, soups, sandwiches, pitas, burgers and melts. Dinners include beef and steak options, chicken dishes and seafood as well.

How to Enter the Bakers Square Guest Satisfaction Survey


You will need:

  • Internet access via a computer or mobile device.
  • Your most recent Bakers Square receipt.
  • A few minutes of time.
  • Ability to read and understand English.

Enter By Online:

  1. Enter the survey by visiting
  2. With your latest Bakers Square receipt in hand, enter the 20-digit serial number and your server’s name printed on the portion of the receipt showing the survey invitation.
  3. Begin the survey by answering all questions as accurately and as honestly as you can.
  4. Read each question and answer with your most recent dining experience at Bakers Square in mind.
  5. After the survey is complete, write down the validation code that can be used to take advantage of the offer printed on your survey invitation.
  6. Redeem the validation code at participating Bakers Square restaurants for a special offer, and be sure to note when the offer expires so you can redeem it before it ends.

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