Bluewater Guest Survey

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The Bluewater Guest Survey is designed to collect data about the centre’s services and offerings. It covers areas such as customer service, site cleanliness, promptness of service and the like. It is available at, and it can help the managers and higher-ups get a firm grasp of what makes visitors happy, willing to return and willing to share information with their friends and family members. It can also help to identify when people have negative experiences. If they are aware of the negative experiences, representatives can reach out to the guests and try to rectify the situations.

Your feedback can have a huge impact on the future of Bluewater. First, the positive feedback can let the company know what it is doing correctly so that it continues the tradition. Negative feedback lets the company know areas that need work. It gives them a-heads up as to the strategies that they need to develop. The main goal of the survey is to improve overall customer satisfaction.

About Bluewater

Bluewater Shopping Centre is a huge 300-store, 60-restaurant shopping centre that is located in Stone, Greenhithe, Kent, England. The centre has been open since 1999 and has enough parking on its lots for 13,000 cars and 50 coaches. It serves the community of shoppers by providing an abundant number of locations where they can shop. The centre has more than 7,000 employees working for it, and more than 27 million visitors come there to shop without fail every year.

Visitors can find a ton of things to do at Bluewater. For one, they can shop for clothing, electronics, shoes, foods, housewares, cards, flowers and more. Families can also participate in some fun activities like ice skating and go kart riding. Additionally, the site has a car wash for visitors who want to keep their vehicles in check.


How to Enter the Bluewater Guest Survey

You Will Need:

  • A mobile phone, computer or tablet with an active Internet connection.
  • The receipt from your Bluewater experience.
  • The ability to read and understand English or Spanish Language.

Enter By Online:

  1. Please visit or
  2. Read the text. You will be prompted to read the privacy policy, as well. Do that, and then hit “continue.”
  3. Enter the date that you visited Bluewater and then hit “start.”
  4. Enter the time that you visited Bluewater and then hit “next.”
  5. Rate your overall experience and then hit “next.”
  6. Tell the company how you got to Bluewater and then hit “next.”
  7. Answer all the questions to the best of your ability and keep hitting “next.”
  8. Finish and enjoy the sweepstakes entry.

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