Busch’s Guest Feedback Survey

Available at www.buschs.com/survey, the Busch’s guest feedback survey is a market research initiative by Busch’s to understand the pulse of its buyers and also find out how stable and strong its overall market positioning is. It’s important for any business to identify how happy or disappointed its customers are with the products, and this survey supposedly helps Busch’s do just that.

When a company knows where exactly it’s doing well and the departments it’s trailing the competition, it gets in a much better position to allocate resources and ensure the negatives are neutralized or converted into positives moving forward.

About Busch’s

Busch’s is a local food market that knows how to seamlessly blend modern style and freshness with traditional values and wholesomeness. In other words, it’s an unofficial cross between supermarkets and local grocers. This means, at Busch’s, you can expect the range and quantity usually synonymous with supermarkets, along with the personal service that you can only expect from a neighborhood grocery seller.


Busch’s is a family venture that was started in 1975. Joe Busch, along with Charlie Mattis, kick-started the venture by acquiring a couple of stores in Saline and Clinton from Vescio’s Foods. They rechristened the acquired stores as J&C Family Foods post the deal. As an independent, privately-held Ann Arbor, Michigan-based supermarket chain, Busch’s currently has approximately 1,400 employees on roll.

How to Participate in Busch’s Guest Feedback Survey


You Will Need:

  • A Busch’s customer receipt.
  • A computer or mobile device with Internet connectivity.
  • The ability to read and understand simple English.


  1. For the survey, head to www.buschs.com/survey. On the page, you would be asked to keep your Busch’s receipt handy. To enter the survey, type in the six-letter survey code located on the bottom of the receipt. Once entered, click Begin Survey.
  2. In the remaining portions of the survey, you would be greeted with a set of multiple-choice questions through which Busch’s would supposedly learn how good or bad your shopping experience was with the company.
  3. Since the answers have to be based completely on your previous shopping experience with Busch’s, kindly refrain from providing inputs directly or indirectly not related to your personal experience.
  4. Answer the questions candidly. Don’t worry about being reprimanded for negative responses. In fact, Busch’s would be happy to see you not patting its back all the way through the survey, as coming to terms with its minuses is the only way Busch’s can get better as a business and serve you better.
  5. Once done answering the questions, you would be asked to furnish your contact information so that you stay accessible in case you happen to win the lucky prize draw. You may also choose not to provide those details if you choose to do so.

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