CarShop Customer Satisfaction Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

The executives of CarShop are eagerly awaiting your feedback regarding your experience with their services. Were you satisfied with their services? Was the staff of CarShop helpful when you were shopping at their store? Your honest feedback will help the executive of CarShop find out the faults in their service and implement measures so that such problems do not occur again. The collective information from thousands of clients plays a huge role in helping the company improve its services.

Unfortunately, the company does not have the resources to contact each of their clients individually to seek their experience while shopping at CarStore. The CarShop Customer Satisfaction Survey solves this problem by allowing customers of CarShop to complete an online survey and submit it. The executives of CarShop use information from the database generated from the online survey to find the pros and cons of their company. Powered by Inmoment, the CarShop Customer Satisfaction Survey allows you to share your experiences regarding the company with its executives.

About CarShop

CarShop is unarguably the leader in the United Kingdom’s used car supermarket. Offering used cars at competitive prices, and with a stock of nearly 4,000 cars, they offer customers best value for their money. Their huge stock ensures that customers will always find a car of their choice. Apart from second hand cars, the company also offers used vans. As they offer the best buy back prices, they are your best bet if you want to sell your car.


You can depend on CarShop if you require finance for your car, or want to get your vehicle serviced. They also provide special offers such as extended warranty, vehicle asset protection, and much more. What makes this company stand apart from its competitors is that it donates a part of its income to charity.

How to Enter the CarShop Customer Satisfaction Survey

What You Will Need:

  • A broadband internet connection.
  • A net enabled device such as a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet, to take part in the survey.
  • Some spare time to complete the survey.
  • Be a resident of the United Kingdom.
  • Have a knowledge of English.
  • Possess a receipt containing their store number.
  • Be of valid age.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit the survey site at
  2. Enter the 7-digit store number.
  3. Select your store from a dropdown menu and click on the `Enter’ button.
  4. Complete the simple survey by ticking the appropriate boxes.
  5. Provide details like your first name, last name, address, and town/city. This information is required if you want to enter the prize draw.

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