Champion Sports Customer Feedback Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

The Champion Sports Customer Feedback Survey provides the public with a way to register their perceptions about the brand in an official manner. You can be assured that the company constantly monitors the results and uses the data to plan their business strategies moving forward.

Go ahead and participate. You need only a few minutes to complete it. Most questions have prepared answers that you can choose from to hasten the process. You can also go into more detail when presented with text-boxes to answer certain questions. The link can be found below.

About Champion Sports

This sportswear company is based in the US but has a global presence that includes the UK. It is a subsidiary of HanesBrands Inc. It has a long history that dates back to 1919 when it was an apparel manufacturer from local sports teams.


Now it provides kits to major teams from professional leagues and has even dabbled in Olympic sponsorships. The brand caters to everyone from boys to girls, kids to adults.

How to Enter the Champion Sports Customer Feedback Survey

You Will Need:

  • A speedy and reliable Internet service.
  • A computer with web access.
  • A few minutes to answer the questions.
  • A receipt from the store with printed code.
  • 18 years or older and UK residency to be eligible for the promo.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to the survey site at
  2. The welcome page will ask you to enter the receipt code. A helpful illustration is presented to make it easier to find. Click “Take Part” once you’re done.
  3. Indicate the date of your visit, your gender, and similar stores that you shop in. Tell them whether this visit resulted in a purchase or went to the website before showing up at the store. Specify the ad placement that led you there, if any.
  4. Provide the reason for your visit. Rate your overall experience with the shop on a scale of 1 to 10.
  5. Assess various aspects of the store including the service speed, team friendliness, willingness to help, product knowledge, and more. Indicate whether the products that you wanted were in stock in the right size. Tell them if a suitable alternative was offered. Do the same analysis for the different departments.
  6. You will be provided with text boxes where you can write about the thing you enjoyed the most during shopping, as well as things that could be improved. Additional inputs are also welcome.
  7. Assess the likelihood that you’ll recommend the store to your friends.
  8. Enter your personal contact details for future notifications if you wish to be included in the prize draw.

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