Church’s Chicken Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Church’s Chicken Customer Satisfaction Survey was designed to get their guests’ honest feedback. The restaurant strives to provide the best dining experience in all of the branches. Let them know if they are doing things right or if they have some areas of improvement. They take the results of the survey seriously. Everything is read and acted upon.

If you have recently gone to any of their location, then consider participating in the survey and sharing your thoughts about your experience. Positive feedback will ensure that good policies are continually enforced and awesome food stay on the menu. Negative feedback, on the other hand, will serve as a wake-up call to fix problem areas. Be as specific as possible with your comments to help them arrive at the best solutions.

About Church’s Chicken

Texas loves its chicken. In this state, the locals are proud of its hometown favorite Church’s Chicken restaurant. This fast food chain ranks fourth in the world in terms of size when compared to similar establishments. After expanding across the US, it set its sights on the rest of the world with overseas locations branded as Texas Chicken. There are now over 1,700 branches serving great food in 30 countries from Belarus to Vietnam.


It started out way back in 1952 when the founder, George Church Sr. opened the restaurant right across The Alamo. The menu gradually expanded adding fries, jalapenos, mashed potatoes, fried okra, honey butter biscuits, corn on the cob, sandwiches, tacos, nuggets, and many others. In the 80s, it merged with Popeyes Chicken which led to rapid expansion. The company has changed hands a number of times with the current owners being a San Francisco equity firm.

How to Participate in the Church’s Chicken Customer Satisfaction Survey


You Will Need:

  • An Internet connection.
  • A receipt from Church’s Chicken.
  • A device that is capable of browsing the Web.
  • A few minutes to complete the survey.


  1. Go to the survey at
  2. Get the receipt from your latest visit and enter the restaurant number indicated at the top part.
  3. Enter the date of your visit. This will also be printed on the receipt around the bottom area.
  4. Please be aware that guests are limited to one response per month despite repeated visits.
  5. Click the start button to begin the survey itself.
  6. Answer the questions related to your dining experience in the restaurant. Rate the food and the service you received.

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Church’s Chicken is based on the southern passion for a good hearty meal. The menu is filled with Texan favorites that has garnered fans around the globe. Give them a try and let them know what you think in the survey.

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