Cloggs Customer Feedback Survey

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Cloggs is a timeless and well recognized footwear brand with a headquarters located in the United Kingdom. Aside from being known for its sensational shoes, Cloggs is loved for its ability to hear and truly understand its consumer. Cloggs has always put a great deal of passion and hard work into keeping their customers satisfied with their experiences, customer service and well thought out shoe lines. For this reason, the company created the Cloggs customer feedback survey, helping shoppers to voice their opinions, sound their praises and reveal their concerns with the Cloggs brand.

The Cloggs customer feedback survey can be found by visiting The survey does not take very long at all to complete and once you are finished, you can feel good about having helped one of the world’s best companies improve and grow.

About Cloggs

Cloggs, the brand known for its classic and high quality footwear, was founded in 1979 by Russell Thomas. In 1998, the brand expanded its reach to include online sales with the creation of its e-commerce website. However, even prior to its web sales ventures, Cloggs was busy making a name for itself in its many brick and mortar locations around the UK where it grew to wild popularity thanks to its dedication to quality and unique design.


Over the years, Cloggs has worked hard to become one of the most easily recognized footwear companies in the world. It is dedicated to keeping its consumers happy and listening to what they have to say about their experiences, purchases and love for living their life in Cloggs.

How to Enter the Cloggs Customer Feedback Survey


What You Will Need:

  • Your Cloggs register receipt.
  • A working internet connection.
  • A few moments to complete the survey.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to
  2. Get our your Cloggs register receipt.
  3. Enter your location code located on your Cloggs register receipt and then click “Take part.”
  4. Answer the remaining questions that are presented. They will be unique to your visit, purchase and experience.
  5. Remember to fully submit your Cloggs customer satisfaction survey and enjoy the rest of your day!.


Cloggs is a footwear fan favorite not only because it holds its design and quality standards to the utmost in industry practices, but also because it holds its customers in the highest regards too. Cloggs wants you to know just how much it cares by giving you the chance to tell them what they are doing right or not quite succeeding to the best of their ability at. When you take the time out of your day to speak your mind to this friendly footwear giant, Cloggs will listen and make your voice an important part of what continues to make Cloggs great.

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