Commerce Bank Customer Experience Survey

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Powered by InMoment, the Commerce Bank Customer Experience Survey is a tool through which the bank attempts to gauge its customers’ experiences and opinions about their association with the bank. Commerce Bank has been around for decades, but it still manages to be modern and sophisticated with its offerings. Not all products and services are destined to receive love from the people. This is why, through this survey, Commerce Bank wants to know what well went and the services that require improvement or a major overhaul.

Commerce Bank doesn’t mind negative feedback or constructive criticism coming its way. In fact, the ability to listen to its customers and work on their shortcomings is the reason why the bank has such a favorable reputation among the public. Through this survey, the bank wants to strengthen that even further.

About Commerce Bank

Commerce Bank is a bank that believes in offering nothing but the best products and services to its customers. And this is possible since the bank listens to its patrons and devises products around them, instead of the other way around. In other words, the bank sincerely tries to find out its customer’s banking requirements to come up with personalized solutions.


Commerce Bank has been around for more than a century, having first laid its roots in 1865 in Kansas. Having started a bank with a $10,000 capital, Francis Reid Long, the bank’s founder, named the bank Kansas City Savings Association. In 1890, the bank was rechristened as National Bank of Commerce, and was Chicago’s largest bank then.

How to Enter the Commerce Bank Customer Experience Survey

You Will Need:

  • A computer or mobile device with Internet connection.
  • A transaction receipt from Commerce Bank.
  • Ability to read and comprehend English.

Enter By Online:

  1. For the survey, head to On the page, you would be asked the reason for your last visit to the bank branch. The options are i) to complete a transaction, ii) open a new deposit account, iii) apply for or open a credit card or loan, iv) close an account, and v) request any other assistance.
  2. The next page would be customized to the option you select. In other words, if you happen to select the first option, you would be asked about your transaction receipt. And if you chose the second option, you must provide specific bank branch details: region, city and branch name, and personal banker name.
  3. Answer the survey questions recollecting your last experience with the bank.
  4. Be honest and candid with your responses, and if you have any negative feedback to register, go ahead and do it.
  5. Upon survey completion, you stand a chance to win weekly prizes worth $1,500, in addition to daily prizes worth $1,000.

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