DEALS Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Modern companies understand that one of the secrets to long-term success in the current marketplace is customer satisfaction. They see customer relationship and loyalty as a strategic advantage, which is why they place customer relationship management high on their list of priorities. Unfortunately, few businesses invest their effort in coming up with a strategy of continuous measurement that can signal problems in real time. The DEALS Customer Satisfaction Survey is a continuous measurement strategy designed to gauge the level of customer satisfaction with the company’s products and services.

Think about your latest shopping experience at a DEALS store. Was the quality service acceptable? Were the employees friendly? Did you experience any problems? Would you recommend DEALS to your friends and family? The company wants your honest opinions and perceptions. Whether good or bad, your candid feedback will be taken seriously. Just for completing this short survey, you will get a chance to win a cash prize of $1,000 daily. In addition, you could win other prizes worth $1,500 weekly.

About Deals

DEALS, is an American discount store chain owned by Dollar Tree. The company operates more than 190 stores in 19 states, most of which are located within malls, shopping centers, and urban areas. Each DEALS store carries a wide range of products including private label, regional and national brands.


Some of the departments available in DEALS stores include house wares, beauty and health, gifts, snacks and food, seasonal d├ęcor, party, dinnerware, glassware, toys, household cleaning products, stationery, candy, craft supplies, books, and teaching supplies.

How to Enter the DEALS Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A PC, laptop or mobile device with internet access.
  • A basic understanding of English, French or Spanish.
  • A valid DEALS store receipt with a survey invitation.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit the survey site at
  2. Click in the available links for complete sweepstakes rules and eligibility period.
  3. Select the language you would prefer to take the survey.
  4. Enter the survey code found on your receipt/survey invitation.
  5. Think about the DEALS store where you received your survey invitation and rate a number of aspects based on your experience at the store.
  6. Indicate whether you would like to enter the contest to win $1,000 daily, plus other prizes worth $1,500 weekly.
  7. Provide your contact information for contest entry purposes and to receive information and special offers.
  8. Submit the survey to find out whether you are an instant winner.


For customer satisfaction surveys to be accepted and effective, they should be more than just a simple questionnaire sent out to customers annually. A customer satisfaction survey should be an ongoing process of constant improvement based on the feedback received from customers. Essentially, DEALS will use the information you provide to improve their products and services to exceed your expectations.

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