B&Q Store Experience Survey

Trying to understand customers and how they feel about a particular company is very important, which is why many businesses trust Service Management Group. This company has been creating effective surveys that shed light on overall customer satisfaction. B&Q Store used Service Management Group to create a survey that focuses on what matters to the company.

B&Q Store wants to use the information gathered from the survey to see how their staff is treating customers. The enterprise knows that there is always room for improvement. Weaknesses exist in every company, and B&Q store uses these surveys to help detect any problems that they might have. The B&Q Store Experience Survey will also help customers shape the direction that the company might take in the future.

About B&Q Store

B&Q Store is a British multinational retailer that focuses on do-it-yourself home improvement projects. It capitalizes on the fact that many homeowners take care of their home. Eastleigh, England, United Kingdom serves as the company’s headquarters. It is a subsidiary of a larger company known as Kingfisher plc.


The store was once called Block & Quayle to honor the founders, Richard Block and David Quayle. This happened back in 1969, but the retailer has gone through many changes since then. For one, the founders dropped the name for the sake of simplicity, and it grew in size. At the moment, the company has 300 stores and does well online. Its inventory now holds around 40,000 parts.

B&Q Store takes its customers very seriously. A large percentage of customers are return customers. One perk that the company offers clients is the Diamond Club that gives 60+ members a 10 percent discount on Wednesdays. It makes sense that this company takes the B&Q Store Experience Survey seriously.

How to Participate in the B&Q Store Experience Survey


You Will Need:

  • A smart device or computer with internet access.
  • Should be able to read and respond in English.


  1. First step is to visit www.diyfeedback.co.uk to start the survey.
  2. Honesty is greatly appreciated.
  3. Try to take the survey when your thoughts are fresh in your mind to give the best account of events.
  4. You may need to share personal information such as your email, which is necessary to enter the contest.
  5. Only one entry is permitted per receipt.
  6. B & Q Store gives those eligible an opportunity to win £250. It should be noted that a winner is announced every month.
  7. Only legal residents of the United Kingdom and those from the Republic of Ireland are eligible. You must also be 18 or over.

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Keep in mind that the company’s offer cannot be duplicated or sold. You cannot share it or transmit it electronically to others either.

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