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By conducting the EAT. Listens Customer survey, the company wants to maximize customer satisfaction, such as complaints procedures, feedback systems, and customer service policies. In the modern world, individuals are using the Internet and digital devices for communication, shopping, business, and more. Businesses should also use the Internet to understand the market needs. Online customer surveys are the best tools when it comes to collecting market information. Such surveys are the backbone of every organization, as they help business owners to analyze customer expectations, market needs, product/service quality, and more. Businesses cannot meet their customers’ needs without conducting a proper survey. The use of the EAT. Listens Customer survey will bless the company with many benefits.

Businesses can significantly increase their productivity by using online survey applications such as the one EAT is using. They do not need to invest so much time and effort on the exercise. The simply need to type relevant questions and follow a set theme. The Internet grabs the attention of customers who love to experience the convenience of the modern survey system.

When you take the EAT. Listens Customer survey, you will not have to fill out any information on paper; you will be able to access the survey on your computer or mobile device. At the end of the EAT. Listens Customer Survey, you will get a coupon code to claim a free hot drink at any EAT. Shop.

About EAT.


Since opening their first shop in 1996 in London’s Villiers Street, EAT. have been passionate about creating and serving their own unique recipes each day. Today, the chain boasts approximately 118 shops across the United Kingdom, serving their award-winning, great tasting dishes of sandwiches, soups, coffee, hot pots, and salads. Their menu also changes through each new season.

How to Take the EAT. Listens Customer Survey

You will need:

  • A mobile device or PC with Internet access.
  • A survey invitation.
  • A basic understanding of English.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit
  2. Click ‘Continue, if you agree to their use of cookies.
  3. Select the type of survey invitation you received.
  4. Enter the details located on your receipt/invitation.
  5. Answer all questions honestly.
  6. Submit the survey.


An effective and fast process of dealing with customer complaints is an important part of excellent customer care. In any business, things sometimes go wrong. It is how the business owners handle these situations that matters. The EAT. Listens Customer survey will help the company to identify the details of customer complaints and come up with appropriate corrective measures. EAT wants to know more about you in order to serve you better. Businesses that conduct customer surveys tend to build stronger relationships with their customers. When it comes to customer surveys, each contact is an opportunity to build the customer-business relationship.

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