Edible Arrangements Customer Experience Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

The Edible Arrangements Customer Experience Survey is meant to ensure that you have the best experience. It is meant to measure your satisfaction and provide helpful feedback to make sure you’re being served in the best possible way. Unhappy customers are also important to us and we want to know why you feel the way you do and listen to your experience.

About Edible Arrangements

The U.S.-based Edible Arrangements franchise specializes in Artistically sculpted, freshly cut fruit and fruit dipped in chocolate. The company has stores located all across the nation and fulfills deliveries worldwide. Refrigerated delivery vehicles are used so that all orders arrive fresh. None of the ingredients are ever frozen.

The arrangements are the perfect gift for many occasions; business celebrations, a new baby, birthdays, and graduation. The company has expanded into frozen yogurt shakes, fruit salad, and smoothies through Edible to Go. Fruit arrangements are presented in a number of different ways; from a colorful planter to a small charcoal grill.


The goal of Edible Arrangement’s survey is to increase the number of “Wow” moments you experience with the brand. The survey only takes about 3 minutes. For submitting your answers, you’ll receive a special offer via email within 72 hours. Since fruit arrangements are often purchased as gifts, the survey will ask if you received your arrangement as a gift or if you purchased it yourself.

How to Enter the Edible Arrangements Customer Experience Survey

You Will Need:

  • Access to a computer with internet, a mobile phone or tablet.
  • A receipt from Edible Arrangements with an invitation to the customer survey.
  • The ability to speak or write in English or French.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit the Edible Arrangements survey at www.ediblearrangements.com/wow.
  2. Choose the appropriate language for you, English or French. Then complete and submit the customer satisfaction survey.
  3. View the “Wow” chart which ranges from 1 or the worst experience to 5 or the best experience. You can also simply choose N/A.
  4. Select your level of satisfaction from the chart available. Give your opinion on; taste, freshness, value, presentation, experience at the store, experience with the delivery driver, and website experience.
  5. The survey will ask if you would recommend Edible Arrangements to your friends.
  6. At this point in the survey, you’ll be asked to provide your order number.
  7. Any additional feedback about the survey or Edible Arrangements is welcome and encouraged.
  8. There is a text box available for you to communicate your thoughts directly to the company.
  9. Provide your email address and click confirm.
  10. The Edible Arrangements customer satisfaction survey will ask you if you would like to receive any special offers in the future. Check the box if you would like to receive future exclusive offers. The offer arrives in 1 to 2 days if you select it.


As a customer, when you participate in the customer satisfaction survey, you truly help the company improve its products and services. Happy customers usually return to Edible Arrangements. However, if your experience has been less than satisfactory, Edible Arrangements would like to be made aware.

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