EVANS Customer Satisfaction Survey

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A small business is usually capable of understanding its customers and uses this knowledge to satisfy its base, but this is a luxury that large businesses do not have. EVANS is an example of one company that cannot communicate with its customer base easily, making the services of Service Management Group sorely needed. This company has been creating surveys with specific goals.

The EVANS Customer Satisfaction Survey is meant to help EVANS understand its customers’ needs. The company is eager to grow and change in a way that satisfies the customer base better than before. One sign of a good company is that they are always seeking to grow as people’s needs change. The survey is also meant to help discover prominent issues that EVANS may be having. These issues could be addressed once they are highlighted by the survey, which is one reason why honesty is encouraged when taking the questionnaire.

About the EVANS Company

Everyone is different, and it is important that companies recognize this truth, which is what EVANS did. This is a well-known women’s clothing retailer that is located in the United Kingdom or the UK, though there are a few in Ireland. At the moment, there are more than 300 stores throughout the UK. The store focuses on bringing the latest styles and fashion-forward trends to plus-size women. This goes beyond blouses and jeans.


The company has departments that focus on specific items such as swimwear, accessories, and lingerie. Jack Green founded EVANS back in 1930. It was a limited company for around 30 years before it was acquired by the Arcadia Group who opened it up to the public. The mail order service was started in 1972, and it did not take long for the company to become a leader for women seeking sizes above the regular 14. This option was sorely needed in the industry. Of course, the internet was introduced, and this particular service skyrocketed beyond what anyone could have imagined.

How to Enter the EVANS Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A device with internet access.
  • Must be able to read and understand English.
  • Will need about five minutes of your time.
  • Recent from your purchase.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit www.evans.co.uk/feedback in order to start the survey.
  2. Try to give honest answers.
  3. Enter the store number, which is on the receipt.
  4. You will need to share some personal information to enter for a chance to win an iPad, which is drawn every month.
  5. Must be 16 and a resident of British Isle.
  6. That is all you need to know about taking the EVANS Customer Satisfaction Survey that ensures your voice is heard.

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