FedEX Customer Satisfaction Survey

Businesses employ marketing research to garner various types of information from customers. They gather some of this feedback prior to launching new products and/or services; however, they acquire most of this information after their have introduced products and/or services into the market. Whatever the case, candid feedback from customers is vital for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is important when determining customers’ tastes and needs, particularly when a company introduces a new product and/or service. Businesses conduct in person research, focus groups, or customer surveys to determine the product/service features or styles that customers want. In addition, customer feedback helps businesses understand what is important to their customers. Without this feedback, a business could not possibly meet and surpass the product/service needs of the customer. The FedEX Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to help the company understand its customers’ needs.

Customer feedback also helps businesses to better understand how customers use and rate their products and/or services versus competitive products/services. This is crucial in determining where a business’s products and/or services fall short or excel compared to alternatives on the market. Customer feedback can also help companies determine how their employees treat customers. Businesses can determine through customer satisfaction surveys whether customers are happy and getting their problems solved and questions answered. In addition, businesses can determine whether some customer service representatives are being unhelpful or rude to customers, particularly if the issue of concern comes up frequently.

Customer feedback is particularly crucial when a business surveys lost or defected customers to determine why they left. Consequently, the goal becomes finding out if there is anything the business can do to win them back. Customer feedback is also vital in unearthing certain trends among customers. This is because new market players may introduce innovations that potentially threaten a business’s offerings. Customer satisfaction surveys, therefore, are important tools that can help improve a company’s bottom line. Survey Details

Survey Name FedEX Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Official Website
Survey Prize Get 7$ Off!
Entry Method By Online
Survey Expiry Date Within 7 days
Offer Expiry Date
Offer Limit 1 offer per person per visit

About FedEx

FedEx is an American corporation offering global courier services. Incorporated in 1997, the company is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, and has expanded from its initial business of air and ground–based services to include a retail division and home delivery options. Globally, the FedEx primarily competes with UPS, DHL Express, and TNT Express. The company believes that a more connected world means better opportunities, which is why customers count on its impressive portfolio of e-commerce, transportation and business solutions.

How to Enter the FedEX Customer Satisfaction Survey

You will need:

  • A recent receipt with a survey invitation
  • A basic understanding of English or Spanish
  • A computer or mobile device with Internet access

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. Answer all questions candidly.
  4. Submit the survey and get an offer.


FedEx is committed to providing customers with local access to shipping and printing while delivering excellent service. The company wants to know whether it is meeting your expectations. At the end of the survey, you will get $7 off your next print order.

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