m1nd Set Customer Satisfaction Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

If you have recently taken a flight with M1nd-set, you need to complete this survey. Share your experience with the company so they know how they can better serve you. The m1nd Set Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to help the company peek into their customer’s thoughts about the company’s products and services. Right at the top of the list, customer service is what is really on their minds. So, if you had a positive or negative experience with the customer service staff, be sure to share it with M1nd-Set.

Companies all over the world have come to use surveys as an effective business strategy. Not only does it help companies get a better understanding of their customers, but it helps to boost profits significantly by implementing the changes people want to see. So as long as you answer the questions honestly, the company can use the feedback constructively and make the changes that you suggested. This will benefit thousands of customers.

About M1nd-Set

M1nd-Set is an expert in travel research. Ultimately, they are market research agency based in Switzerland. The company has over 10 years market research experience and also offer consulting services.


They offer services to companies worldwide. Due to their years of experience in data collection and market research, they are able to bring solutions to complex challenges in the travel industry.

How to Enter the m1nd Set Customer Satisfaction Survey

What You Will Need:

  • A smart device like a smartphone or PC.
  • A stable Internet connection.
  • A survey invitation is needed.

Enter By Online:

  1. Follow the survey link: www.flyandtell.com.
  2. Select the language you are most comfortable using.
  3. Enter the 5 or 6 digits serial number.
  4. Then check whether your flight details are correcting on the survey page.
  5. Then select the main reason for going on this trip and how you purchased your ticket.
  6. Answer a few other questions on your flight experience.


m1nd Set are travel industry experts that have been in business for over ten years now. They operate out of Switzerland and very professional and effective in what they do. Collecting data and offering consulting services is what they do on a daily basis. The company has helped many companies around the globe grow from strength to strength. By implementing a few unique business strategies, they have caused many companies to expand. If you have recently taken a flight from Charles-de-Gaulle to Seoul, you should participate in this survey. The winners stand a chance to win two tickets in the sweepstakes after completing the survey.

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