Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Customer Survey

The Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Customer Survey is a market research method through which Fresh Thyme collects customer opinions to find out how well it has been doing as a business, and what are the areas it could do better. The survey is available at On the survey page, Fresh Thyme clearly mentions it’s constantly striving hard to enhance its offerings.

Fresh Thyme uses the survey-collated information to improve the shopping experience at Fresh Thyme, and also ensure the products and services it offers are always of top-notch quality. The survey is thus a tool that benefits both the company and its customers in the form of improved offerings.

About Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is on a mission to provide farm fresh food (fruits, vegetables, etc.) to regular consumers. This novel approach transcends onto Fresh Thyme stores’ designs as well. Unlike conventional grocery stores, Fresh Thyme stores do not have glitzy fixtures or tall aisles. The stores’ designs are fairly simple, which make navigating the space quite easy.

The company has numerous stores across America, which can be seen overflowing with fresh vegetables and fruits at almost all times. The produce is usually sourced fresh from farms, and is locally grown organic food. In fact, the store is so jam-packed with fresh produce, you would literally be lost in a sea of fruits and vegetables every time you enter the store.


How to Enter the Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Customer Survey

You Will Need:

  • A Fresh Thyme sales receipt.
  • A computer or mobile device with Internet connection.
  • The ability to read and comprehend English.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to to start the survey. Click the Take Survey Now button and you’ll be directed to a fresh page. On that page, enter your location details: state, city, and store.
  2. Click Next and on the subsequent page, you would need your Fresh Thyme sales receipt. Take your receipt and find out its TICKET number. Once you enter the same, you would be taken to the actual part of the survey.
  3. Upon entering the main stage of the survey, you would be presented with a set of questions that will seek your thoughts and feelings about your recent Fresh Thyme shopping experience. Recollect everything you remember from your last visit to Fresh Thyme and answer the questions accordingly.
  4. Answer the questions honestly and please don’t hurry through the questions. Your responses would play a role in how your future shopping experience at Fresh Thyme shapes out.
  5. In the last stage of the survey, you would be asked personal contact details so that you become eligible to participate for the prize draw where the lucky winner takes home a gift card worth $250.

Enter By Online Video Guide:

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