Goldsmiths Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Goldsmiths is an age-old jeweler who has been around for countless generations, providing its customers with the finest brands and best customer service available. Goldsmiths has survived for so many years because it is passionate about not only providing its consumer with the most luxurious, heirloom pieces available but also about keeping its customers happy. This is one of the many reasons that the brand created the Goldsmiths customer feedback survey. It can be found by visiting When you complete the survey, you have a chance to win a £500 Goldsmiths gift card. (So, if you choose to take part, be sure your survey is completely submitted before exciting the page.)

When you take time out to tell Goldsmiths about your visiting experience at their store, they will always make time to listen. It is this dedication to customer service that has kept this small but mighty jewelry going strong for over 200 wonderful years. Here is a little more about the company that has stolen the hearts of families for decades.

About Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths was founded in 1778 and has served countless families, couples and celebrity clientele ever since. Though Goldsmiths has a small, friendly vibe, it has grown to become one of the largest jewelry stores in the United Kingdom. The company’s first location, a charming hub in Newcastle, is still in operation today, perhaps even welcoming descendants of some of the site’s original customers.


Outside of business as usual, Goldsmiths is a sponsor of Leicester Tigers, a popular rugby football league. The company also sponsors a stand located in the Welford Road stadium as well as the rugby club’s Player of the Month title. This support of the sports world has helped to further cement Goldsmiths as a household brand.

How to Enter the Goldsmiths Customer Satisfaction Survey


What You Will Need:

  • Your original Goldsmiths register receipt.
  • An internet connection.
  • A few minutes of your time to complete the survey.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to and make sure you have about 5 minutes to complete it.
  2. Get out your Goldsmiths register receipt.
  3. Click “take part.”
  4. Select the store location that you visited to make your purchase.
  5. Select the date of your Goldsmiths visit.
  6. Select the time of your Goldsmiths visit.
  7. Rate your satisfaction levels on a variety of topics.
  8. Enter your contact information. This is how you will be contacted if you are a winner of the survey sweepstakes.


Goldsmiths is a jeweler who cares about its consumers. When you tell Goldsmiths about your visit and purchase, you are contributing to decades and generations of excellence. Together, you and Goldsmiths, are creating a lasting legacy for 200 more years of beauty.

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