Haggen Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Customer satisfaction is the measure of how services and/or products supplied by a business meet or exceed a customer’s expectations. It is important because it offers businesses a metric they can use to improve and manage their operations. In fact, according to a recent survey, more than two thirds of senior marketing executives responded that they found customer satisfaction measurements very useful in monitoring and managing their business. Customer satisfaction is important because it helps businesses reduce customer churn, highlight points of differentiation, reduce negative word of mouth, understand customer loyalty and repurchase intentions, and increase customer lifetime value. This is why Haggen Food & Pharmacy is conducting the Haggen Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Price is not the main cause of customer churn. This is according to a 2008 Accenture global customer satisfaction report. Most customers tend to defect due to the overall poor quality of products and/or services. By measuring and tracking satisfaction levels, businesses can employ new processes to improve the overall quality of their customer service.

Haggen Food & Pharmacy is putting an emphasis on surpassing customer satisfaction and surprising its customers at every opportunity. In a business world where businesses are fiercely competing for customers, customer satisfaction is proving to be a key differentiator. Companies that are succeeding are the ones that have made customer satisfaction a key element of their sales and marketing strategy.

About Haggen Food & Pharmacy


Haggen Food & Pharmacy is one of the largest independent grocery retailchains in the Pacific Northwest. It currently operates more than 160 stores with 106 pharmacies, and is headquartered in Bellingham, Washington where it was established in 1933. Haggen Food & Pharmacy employs about 10,000 employees.

How to Enter the Haggen Customer Satisfaction Survey


You Will Need:

  • A valid Haggen store register receipt with a survey Invitation
  • A computer or mobile device with Internet access
  • A basic understanding of English

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit www.haggen.com/survey.
  2. Enter the following from your receipt: date of purchase, store number, lane number, TRX or transaction code, and loyalty account number. In addition, specify whether you are 18 years of age or older and type the characters you see in the box.
  3. Answer all survey questions.
  4. Enter your contact information to enter the prize draw.
  5. Submit the survey.


By measuring customer satisfaction levels, Haggen Food & Pharmacy will have a good idea of how likely customers will return and make a purchase in the future. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in how much money a customer generates for a business. Haggen understands the importance of customer lifetime value, which is why they want to make you a lifelong customer. Your feedback will be taken seriously. Upon completion, you will be entered into a prize draw that is only open to legal residents of Washington and Oregon, who are 18 years of age or older as of the time of entry. In each sweepstakes period, 5 winners will each get a gift card worth $100.

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