Harvester Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Customer satisfaction surveys are an effective and easy approach to gathering candid customer feedback. Businesses that fail to conduct customer feedback surveys lack the necessary information needed to make smarter business and marketing decisions. However, since it is easier than ever to gather customer feedback, some companies tend to overdo it, which has the potential to annoy the same customers they are trying to please. The Harvester Customer Satisfaction Survey, however, is a short and convenient online questionnaire meant to elicit feedback from customers. Harvester is a big fan of customer surveys because they help the company improve. Rather than ask customers a series of too personal, tiresome questions, the company is simply asking a few simple questions that will help find solutions that will improve customer experience.

Consequently, the primary aims of the Harvester Customer Satisfaction Survey are to improve customer retention and to build and gain customer loyalty. Business owners should realize that customer satisfaction does not necessarily equate to customer loyalty. In a highly competitive marketplace, merely satisfied can defect to a competitor that will surpass their expectations.

Therefore, true competitive advantage means that a business must ensure that customers are completely satisfied. This is why Harvester is conducting this survey. In addition, the company wants its customers to know that their opinions matter and their feedback will instigate positive change within the company. By completing the survey, you will get a chance to win £1,000, and you could instantly win other great prizes valued at £1,500 weekly.

About Harvester


Harvester is a farmhouse style family restaurant chain operating more than 230 locations in the United Kingdom. Since 1983, families and friends have been gathering to enjoy the famous grills and salads served by Harvester. There is rarely a dull moment at Harvester. The restaurant chain has always got something delicious to share with its customers, including amazing voucher offers, exciting additions to its menus, and new restaurant openings.

How to Enter the Harvester Customer Satisfaction Survey

You will need

  • A valid Harvester restaurant receipt with a survey invitation
  • A basic understanding of English
  • A PC or mobile device with Internet access

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit www.harvesterbringoutthebest.co.uk.
  2. Enter the telephone number found on the bottom of your billfold.
  3. Answer all questions honestly.
  4. Fill out your contact information to enter the prize draw.
  5. Submit the survey.


In an age of lofty expectations and competition, customer feedback surveys are essential tools for communicating with customers and for developing effective strategies for improvement. Successful customer feedback surveys allow businesses to retain customers and help them to better position themselves among prospective clients. Some customer surveys, however, do not uncover customer needs and perceptions or help businesses make improvements. Such surveys are useless. To create successful customer surveys, businesses such as Harvester have learnt to plan, design, and implement effective survey questions to help ensure customers are completely satisfied with the business’s offerings and support.

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