Hertz Canada Customer Survey

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Powered by Medallia, the Hertz Canada customer survey, available for individuals who have used their car rental services, allows the management of the company to receive feedback from customers who have hired their vehicles in Canada, either for business purposes or for a pleasure trip. It helps the company gauge the overall satisfaction of their customers based on several parameters like the model & make of the vehicle, its cleanliness and mechanical condition, helpfulness of their staff, the ease of picking up and returning their vehicle, speed of service, value for money spent, and the speed of their service.

The feedback provided via the survey helps the management to find flaws in their services and fix them to provide better services in the future. Remember to keep the receipt provided by them when you returned their vehicle, as you will require it for participating in the survey. On successful completion of the survey, you will receive a coupon code, which you can use to avail a discount the next time you use their car rental services.

About Hertz

Founded by Walter Jacobs in 1922 with a small fleet of 12 cars, this company is today one of the biggest car rental services in the world, operating from nearly 8,500 locations with footprints in 150 countries worldwide. In 1923, the founder sold the company to John. D. Hertz but remained a major figure of the company until he retired in 1960. From a humble beginning, Hertz and Jacobs went on to make this company a global leader in car rental services.


Offering a wide range of hybrid, sports, and luxury vehicles such as Tesla, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and many more, Hertz is the ultimate choice of people planning to hire a vehicle while vacationing or on a business trip. Their website contains details of the range of cars available along with their images.

How to Enter the Hertz Canada Customer Survey

What You will need:

  • A broadband internet connection (4G connection for smartphones).
  • A web enabled laptop, smartphone, or a desktop.
  • The receipt you received when you last rented their vehicle.
  • A couple of minutes to complete the survey.
  • You have to be of legal age to receive their discount voucher.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to the survey site at www.hertzsurvey.ca.
  2. Select you preferred language from the dropdown menu at the top right hand corner.
  3. Enter the 9-digit rental record number and the 5 to 7-digit access code found at the top and bottom of the receipt.
  4. Click on the yellow colored `Next’ button to start the survey, clicking the `next’ button after completing each page.
  5. You will receive a coupon once you successfully complete the survey.

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