Hungry Horse Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Hungry Horse Customer Satisfaction Survey is a business tool for measuring performance in terms of the guests’ experience. It is a highly subjective way of gauging how well each branch is doing compared to sales and other hard numbers. However, it produces necessary metrics that help managers to improve their services.

If you are a frequent visitor to your local Hungry Horse pub, then considered joining the survey to share your insights with the team. Your point of view is extremely valuable to them. You can shed light on certain matters that they might not even be aware of. In the end, they will get better thanks to your inputs. You can find the survey at this link:

About Hungry Horse

This is a chain of pub-restaurants from all over the British Isles including England, Scotland and Wales. It is currently owned and operated by Greene King Brewery and is headquartered in Suffolk, England. The first pub was opened in 1995 with the aim of providing low cost meals for groups and families.


There are now 225 branches throughout Great Britain. Its success is a testament to the dedication of the company to provide the best value to their customers. Of course, it has had its fair share of criticisms like the time when people questioned its Double Donut burger for having such a high calorie count. Those who are conscious of their calorie intake should look for more reasonable items on the menu.

How to Participate in the Hungry Horse Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A reliable Internet connection.
  • A few minutes to answer the questions.
  • A device with web access like a computer, tablet or smartphone.


  1. Go to the survey page at
  2. The welcome page will set your expectations. It will assure you that the information they will gather will not be used to contact you about your visit. You will maintain your privacy.
  3. However, if you would like to be contacted, then simply use the contact form in the link provided.
  4. The survey will only require about 5 minutes to complete. It will ask questions about the participant and the dining experience.
  5. Select the location of the pub you visited from a drop-down menu.
  6. Indicate the frequency of your visits to this place.
  7. Indicate the date and time of your latest visit.
  8. Select your title and enter your personal details including name, gender, age, email, phone number, and postcode.
  9. Enter your server’s name if you remember it.
  10. Click the link below to complete the survey.

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Hungry Horse offers excellent value for diners across Great Britain. Visit your local branch and tell them what you thought of the place using the survey.

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