IGA Store Customer Feedback Survey

Almost one hundred years old, IGA is a beloved grocery brand that has supported the livelihood of families for many generations through both healthy and comfort foods that make home a little bit sweeter. Filling kitchen pantries and dinner tables for years, IGA is proud to be a small part of what makes your dinnertime special and what fuels your family to love one another, laugh together and enjoy each day as a team.

It’s easy to see that IGA takes great pride in being the grocer that you can trust with your family’s needs and because of this passion for its customers, the grocery brand created the IGA store customer feedback survey to help you voice your opinion. You can find this survey by visiting www.iga.com/igastorefeedback.aspx. IGA invites you to take their survey with every purchase and experience that you have inside of their doors because they want you to always trust their stores with your business.

About IGA Supermarkets

IGA is an American grocery brand with many locations in over 130 countries throughout the world. The grocery giant was founded back in 1926 when 100 independent grocers joined forces to form one grocery market. IGA now holds a headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Unlike other supermarkets in America, IGA is operated with a franchise business model.


In 1930 alone, there were over 8,000 markets operating under the IGA name. Now serving Canada, Australia, the Philippines and other small countries, IGA is known across the world. Here at home, IGA still serves mostly small towns across America and takes great pride in being a part of what makes the community around it a great place to call home.

How to Participate in the IGA Store Customer Feedback Survey

What You’ll Need:

  • Your IGA register receipt.
  • A working internet connection.
  • A few minutes to complete the survey.


  1. Go to www.iga.com/igastorefeedback.aspx.
  2. Enter your first name.
  3. Enter your last name.
  4. Enter your street address, city and state.
  5. Enter your zip code.
  6. Enter your daytime phone number.
  7. Enter your email address.
  8. Enter the store number. (You can also enter the store address if you know it.)
  9. Enter the city, state and zip code of the store you visited.
  10. Enter the date and time of your visit.
  11. Enter your comments.
  12. Submit the form to have your voice be heard.

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IGA is a brand that cares about your family, your experience with their store and what they can do to improve both. When you take the time to let IGA know about your purchase and experience in their stores, you can become a part of what makes IGA great working hard to serve the needs of families around the world.

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