Jewellers Guest Experience Survey

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Peoples Jewellers, the fine jewelry powerhouse that is recognized all around the world, seems to have the perfect namesake because it truly cares what the people think. Paying close attention to what consumers want out of a jewelry piece that they will love for a lifetime, the attentive designers and jewelry experts at Peoples are fully committed to continuing to grow and thrive, making their customers fall in love with their brand even more as time goes on.

Because Peoples wants to know what its consumers have to say, they created the Peoples Jewellers guest experience survey. You can find that survey located at When taking this survey, remember to always answer honestly. Your honesty is what will help this brand to grow even better, bolder and bright throughout the years, creating a better shopping experience for all.

About Peoples Jewellers

Peoples Jewellers is a brand that believes in the magic of classic and timeless pieces that compliment every person no matter their unique sense of style. Peoples Jewellers is now a sub-brand of Signet. Other powerhouses like Zales and a few other brands fall under the umbrella of Signet’s family of jewelry chains.


Peoples Jewellers is passionate about innovative designs, high quality pieces and affordability. Whether you shop Peoples in person or online, you will always be in for a treat when you shop with Peoples.

How to Enter the Peoples Jewellers Guest Experience Survey


What You Will Need:

  • Your Peoples Jewellers register purchase receipt.
  • Access to a working internet connection.
  • A few moments of your day to complete the Peoples Jewellers guest experience survey.

Enter By Online:

  1. Set aside a little time and visit
  2. Get your Peoples Jewellers receipt out and keep it with you. You will need it to identify your purchase information during the survey.
  3. Enter the number located on the last line of your register receipt. Ensure that the number is accurate before continuing.
  4. Once you double check the digits, click “start” to begin your Peoples survey.
  5. Answer the remaining survey questions specific to your unique visit and jewelry purchase at Peoples Jewellers.
  6. Don’t forget to fully submit your survey. Sometimes, Signet offers chances to win products or gift cards when you participate in the company’s feedback surveys. You would not want to miss that!.


Peoples Jewellers are your one stop shop for all things shiny and bright. When you take a moment from your day to tell Peoples what you think, it can help to improve the company’s brand, stores and products. That is no small feat at a company who has grown to such heights. So, go ahead. Use your voice for good. We know you can do it and you just might be the voice that makes a big difference!

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