Just Save Foods Customer Feedback Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

Powered by QuestionPro, the Just Save Foods customer feedback survey is a market research tool through which Just Save Foods attempts to understand its buyers better, in terms of what they like about Just Save Foods offerings and the areas they feel the company can do better. The survey is available at www.justsavefoods.com/survey.

Just Save has many stores across different cities and towns in the country. Through the survey, the company tries to ascertain which stores are its customers frequenting the most, and the reasons for that. This information prompts the company to determine why are certain stores doing better than others? Is it the product quality or is it because the store is not optimally located? These are questions Just Save Foods tries to find the answers for.

About Just Save Foods

The first Just Save Foods store came about in 1917. A family-run company, the store set its feet with the goal to provide quality and value, which it has been able to successfully provide till date. Unlike corporate grocery stores, Just Save Foods wants other local stores in its area to thrive as well, and not go extinct just because Just Save’s in town. In fact, Just Save collaborates with local farmers, which is why you can see a variety of local produce on Just Save shelves.


Making money and spreading its wings to different parts of the country is obviously Just Save’s vision. However, it doesn’t want to achieve that at the cost of sacrificing or abolishing small local sellers. The goal is to bring all the local produce and assemble them in one place, so that local producers and sellers go home happy too.

How to Enter the Just Save Foods Customer Feedback Survey


You Will Need:

  • A survey code which you should see in the print out collected at the register.
  • An Internet-equipped computing device such as a desktop or a mobile device.
  • Ability to read and understand English.

Enter By Online:

  1. To enter the survey, head to www.justsavefoods.com/survey. On the page, you would see an oversized Take Survey Now link. Below the link, there would be rules and conditions for entering the survey. If you qualify, click the survey link and you would be directed to another page.
  2. You need not be a past customer of Just Save Foods, but should have visited any of Just Save Foods’ stores to receive the survey code. The survey code is usually an 11 or 12-digit number that starts with the numbers 42. Enter the survey code and begin the survey.
  3. The survey questions would primarily be about the store and the various store locations you’ve been to.
  4. Be honest and straightforward with your responses.
  5. People completing the survey would automatically become eligible for a grand prize draw worth $500, which could be a Just Save Foods or Lowes Foods gift card.

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