KFC Puerto Rico Guest Experience Survey

The KFC Puerto Rico Guest Experience Survey is there for customers to provided candid feedback straight to the management. Every visit can be evaluated by using the information on the receipt. The company values the opinion of their patrons.

Read the instructions below and follow them. Use the link to find the survey site and begin as soon as you’re ready. You’ll be able to blitz through the questions in a few minutes.

About KFC Puerto Rico

KFC has almost become synonymous with great-tasting fried chicken. Millions agree that it offers excellent food at reasonable prices. It has certainly gone a long way from being a small eatery in the middle of nowhere in the East Coast. Now there are branches all over the world including Puerto Rico.


The menu creatively uses chicken in a wide variety of ways from burgers to tacos and everything in between. New offerings are introduced every season so that patrons will always have something to get excited about.

How to Participate in the KFC Puerto Rico Guest Experience Survey

You Will Need:

  • A speedy and reliable Internet service.
  • A computer or smartphone for browsing.
  • A few minutes to spare.
  • A receipt from KFC Puerto Rico.
  • Familiarity with Spanish or English.


  1. Go to the survey page at www.kfcexpresate.com.
  2. You’ll be presented with their cookie policy. Learn more through the link to the privacy policy.
  3. On the welcome page, enter all of the details being asked like the date, time, store #, and order # as printed on the receipt. A visual aid has been conveniently provided for guidance.
  4. Begin by evaluating your overall experience at the restaurant. Tell them frankly is you were highly satisfied or the exact opposite. Candid answers will allow them to make better decisions moving forward.
  5. Indicate the type of order you made from the options.
  6. Now you get the chance to evaluate individual elements of the experience. Rate the place, the staff, the food, the price, and everything else on the list. They will use the data to maintain good policies and improve bad ones.
  7. If you had any issues during the visit, tell them about it in detail for correction.
  8. Given all that you saw, assess the probability that you’ll return and ask friends to join you.
  9. If you weren’t completely satisfied, give suggestions on how it could have been better.
  10. Gauge the rate at which you visit the restaurant.
  11. Answer the classification questions.

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KFC Puerto Rico is bringing the famous chicken recipe to Boricuas. If you’ve eaten at their restaurant recently, consider joining the survey.

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