LEGO Product Survey

Successful business managers and owners understand the importance of keeping customers happy and satisfied. They know that any weaknesses in the delivery of products and/or services can lead to disgruntled customers; therefore, they use online satisfaction surveys to collect valuable feedback. The LEGO Product Survey is an important tool for ensuring the company’s customers are happy and loyal. Research proves that retaining customers costs significantly less than finding new ones. In addition, happy customers tend to purchase more and are great advertisement vehicles. They share their positive experiences with other people, thereby promoting a company’s products and/or services. Customer surveys, therefore, give companies specific feedback about positive, or negative, customer perceptions.

Knowledge of how customers feel and what they need and expect can improve marketing and sales efforts. Such information is especially important due to the increased use of review sites and social media by people. A negative comment could be viewed by hundreds or thousands of potential customers.

The LEGO Product Survey will help the company collect actionable data that will highlight strengths and weaknesses in its products and service delivery. It will also help the company gauge estimated client satisfaction levels of its competitors. This survey is an affordable and easy way to find out whether you were truly satisfied by your most recent LOGO experience. Survey Details

Survey Name LEGO Product Survey
Survey Official Website
Survey Prize Win the LEGO Prize Draw
Entry Method By Online
Receipt Valid 14 days from receipt date
Survey Limit One per person per receipt

About LEGO

The LEGO group is a family owned, privately held corporation headquartered in Billund, Denmark. The company’s main offices are in the US, UK, China, and Singapore. Established in 1932, it is one of the leading producers of play materials in the world. The word LEGO is derived from the words “leg godt, which are Danish words meaning play well. The word also means “I tie” or “I connect” in Italian, and in Latin, it means “I put together”.

How to Enter the LEGO Product Survey

You will need:

  • A recent LEGO store survey invitation.
  • A PC, laptop or mobile device with internet access.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit the survey site at
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. Enter the 4 or 5-digit product code found on the front or the side of the LEGO box, or on the front page building instructions contained in the box.
  4. Confirm that the product displayed it the item you received.
  5. Answer all survey questions on behalf of the child that uses the product.
  6. Submit the survey.


LEGO would appreciate your feedback regarding your child’s LEGO product. The company wants to improve its products via market research and will not use your feedback for other purposes, without your express permission. If you have ten minutes to spare, complete this survey after your child has had a chance to use his/her new LEGO product. When you submit the survey, you will get a chance to participate in a prize draw to win great LEGO prizes.

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