Leslie’s Customer Opinion Survey

Surveys should be created specifically for a company, but sadly some companies simply rehash the same surveys for every company. This is something that Service Management Group does not do; in fact, the company goes out of its way to create a simple survey that caters to the concerns of the company. Leslie’s Poolmart or Leslie’s is one of many companies that decided to trust Service Management Group to create their most recent customer survey.

Leslie’s Customer Opinion Survey was created to help the company understand staff relationship with customers and customer’s overall satisfaction. The company knows that ensuring training policies are working for their staff is vital for customer care uniformity. Furthermore, Leslie’s understands that customer satisfaction must be great because a customer base is only maintained when their concerns are addressed. Major issues that are sometimes reported through surveys like this one help shape policy changes and move the company in the right direction.

About Leslie’s

Leslie’s is also known as Leslie’s Poolmart or even Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies. It is recognized as one of the largest swimming pool supplies retailer, though it does sell related products with their supplies. The company operates on a global scale, and it continues to grow. The retailer focuses on supplies like pool maintenance chemicals, cleaning devices, equipment, and repair parts just to name a few.


There are now over 600 stores spread out in 35 states all over the United States. The store also employs more than 2,000 people, and that is not even including the workforce that is hired during pool season. The stores are large enough to hold about 700 items, though there are more than 30,000 additional items that could be ordered and shipped to stores or customers upon request. One of the most successful aspects of Leslie’s business is the creation of their own high quality brand, which accounts for a little more than half of their revenue.

The pool mega-giant is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona where its retail presence can really be felt. It also has a large number of retailer locations in California, Florida, Texas, and Georgia since these locations get a lot of heat.

How to Participate in the Leslie’s Customer Opinion Survey

You Will Need:

  • A device granting you access to the internet.
  • A valid receipt to enter the survey.


  1. Visit www.lesliespool.com/opinion to get started with the survey.
  2. Be as honest as you can during the survey.
  3. You will need the store’s number, which is located on the receipt.
  4. You will also need the transaction number located on the receipt.
  5. You will need to enter contact information to enter the $500 monthly shopping spree sweepstakes.
  6. Keep the validation code once you complete the survey.

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Try to do your best to speak your mind as this will give you the ability to influence your favorite pool retailer.

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