Lone Star Texas Grill Survey

The main objective of any business is to meet customer expectations. That is why this customer satisfaction survey was created. It is meant to collect detailed customer feedback on a number of things, including the quality of meals they had at Lone Star Texas Grill. The survey is available at www.lonestartexasgrill.com/survey, and can go a long way in ensuring that every customer has their concerns addressed quickly and effectively to improve their dining experience. Your feedback is highly appreciated and can help to influence a number of things.

First, it can help Lone Star’s staff to identify areas they need to improve on. In case you were not satisfied with a certain aspect of your Lone Star experience, your feedback will help to warn the management of potential issues that may have an adverse effect on their business, particularly their profits. The main objective of the survey is to collect actionable feedback from customers based on their experience with the ultimate goal of improving customer experience.

About Lone Star Texas Grill

Everybody loves steak, but there is just something about the good old Texan steak that makes people miss home when they are away from Texas. That is what happened in 1986 when two Texan boys left home for Ottawa, but could not find any restaurant that served authentic Texas food. They decided to take matters into their own hands and opened the first Lone Star Texas Grill outlet in Ottawa that same year. To create a truly Texan taste and experience, the boys brought recipes, equipment and spices from Texas. They even imported Mesquite wood to power the grills.


The restaurant became incredibly popular as people lined up to enjoy authentic Texas meals. The two entrepreneurs even designed a special oven that enabled them to offer tortillas fresh to order. This is a product that only Lone Star Grills offers to this day. The restaurant has a completely Southern menu, so you can find your favorite meal regardless of the Lone Star restaurant you walk into.

How to Participate in the Lone Star Texas Grill Survey

You Will Need:

  • An internet enabled device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.
  • A valid receipt from a Lone Star restaurant with an invitation to enter the survey.
  • Some time to answer around 10 questions in English.


  1. Enter the customer satisfactions survey at www.lonestartexasgrill.com/survey.
  2. Read the simple instructions on the landing page and click on the “Thanks Y’All!” button to start the survey.
  3. Think of your last visit to the Lone Star Texas Grill and answer the questions based on your experience.
  4. Choose the location of the Lone Star Grill you visited and answer questions candidly.
  5. At the end of the survey, leave your phone number and enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card.
  6. To complete the survey, enter your email address and check your mailbox for any special offer.

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