Main Event Customer Feedback Survey

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If you would love to have your birthday party at a bowling center, then Main Event may be able to arrange that for you. The Main Event Customer Feedback Survey is designed to give the owners of the center a better understanding of how they are doing as a bowling center. Although they strive to achieve customer satisfaction, they still require guidance with regards to what they can do better. This is why your honesty is required when answering the questions. It doesn’t matter whether your experience was good or bad, just speak frankly about how you felt the service was.

Aside from being able to share your opinions, you will be helping Main Event improve their services. So, if their services are good, you will be helping them make it better and if there are things that could change for the best, you can let them know as well.

About Main Event

Main Event is your one stop shop for fun and entertainment. If you are looking to have fun with the entire family, this is the place to be. It is more than just a bowling center as it offers various other games, good food, and drink as well as birthday party packages for your kids. Adults are also welcome to hire out the venue for group events. Main Event has also introduced summer camp programs.


Main Event offers many promotions and special offers that you can sign up for to help you get more bang for your buck. So, the next time you are looking for a great venue to have your child’s birthday party or your office party, remember that Main Event has something for everyone.

How to Enter the Main Event Customer Feedback Survey

What You Will Need:

  • You will need access to a smart device such as a phone, tablet or computer.
  • You will need Internet access.
  • You need a Main Event receipt.
  • You will also need a Main Event survey code.

Enter By Online:

  1. Follow the link at
  2. You will be prompted to enter either a 2 digit or 12-digit survey code.
  3. Answer a few questions regarding the service you received at Main Event.
  4. Speak honestly about your overall experience at Main Event as this information can only be used to make services better if they are aware of changes that need to be made.


Main Event is a great place for family and friends to celebrate just about any occasion. Kids will have the time of their life at Main Event thanks to the variety of games available and adults will be able to get cozy over at the full bar.

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