Matalan Customer Experience Survey

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There is a way to gauge whether customers are happy or unhappy before they share their shopping experiences with other people or complain about services received on social media. Companies can do this by conducting a customer satisfaction survey. Such surveys feature a number of questions relating to a company’s product quality and service delivery in order to understand what customers want and expect from the company.

The Matalan Customer Experience Survey is an important and effective way for the company to measure customer satisfaction. The feedback received will help Matalan retain its current customer base, improve customer loyalty, and find advocates for its brand. Additionally, customer surveys are a great way for companies to keep their customers updated on important changes.

People move around and change companies or jobs; therefore, customer experience surveys are helpful in highlighting opportunities and gaps, as well as ensuring that companies have access to important information. Such information can have a huge effect on profitability and sustainability. Matalan understands the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Customers who are simply satisfied can be lured away by competitors offering flashier products or services without as much as a backward glance. To breed truer loyalty among its customers, Matalan needs to show them that they matter and their opinions matter.

About Matalan

Based in Knowsley, UK, Matalan is a homeware and fashion retail chain with more than 200 locations across the UK. Most of the chain’s stores average 30,000 square feet and are located in out of town areas. From the day the company started30 years ago, its mission has always remained the same; to offer exceptional value for modern families. The company takes its time to listen, understand, and evolve to meet the needs of the modern family, always with a focus on offering the highest quality products for the lowest price.


How to Enter the Matalan Customer Experience Survey

You will need:

  • A valid Matalan store receipt with a survey invitation.
  • A PC, laptop or mobile device with Internet access.
  • A basic understanding of English.

Enter By Online:

  1. Enter the survey site at
  2. Select your entry method.
  3. Enter the branch number found on your survey invitation.
  4. Select the date of your visit.
  5. Answer all survey questions candidly.
  6. Enter your contact information to enter the prize draw.
  7. Submit the survey.


The company is asking you for your candid feedback. It will use your feedback to instigate real changes. Matalan loves to hear from its customers. By completing and submitting this online survey, you will get the opportunity to win a voucher worth £100 every month. If you recently visited a Matalan store, complete this survey and share your experience, whether positive or negative.[/su_note]

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