Micro Center Customer Satisfaction Survey

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If you usually shop at Micro Center, you are valued and appreciated. That is why the team at Micro Center is eagerly awaiting your feedback. You can rest assured that a number of people will take time to review your feedback. If you have a complaint, the company is ready to do everything possible to make sure that you will not have the same complaint after your next purchase. If you are extremely satisfied with your Micro Center purchase, you should let the company know through Micro Center customer satisfaction survey. Positive feedback from customers is always motivating to management and employees. On the other hand, negative feedback helps the company in identifying loopholes, which are subsequently sealed.

Millions of Americans usually buy laptops, computers, and consumer electronics from Micro Center. Most likely, this is the place where you purchased your current laptop, printer, or digital camera. If that is the case, you should take a few minutes and complete the Micro Center customer satisfaction survey. Micro Center would love to know your overall level of satisfaction with the products of the company. Have they served you well? If there was an issue, did you get a replacement? What was the customer service level during the shopping process?

About Micro Center

Micro Center is the brainchild of two former Radio Shack employees, Bill Bayne and John Baker. The initial investment was $35,000. The first store measured 900 square feet and it was in Upper Arlington, Ohio. The earlier growth of Micro Center was partly because of the first store being near Ohio State University. That provided computer literate salespeople and a large customer base.


Micro Center is your home of the latest computers and electronics. They are thousands of products available in a Micro Center store. They include monitors, laptops, desktops, digital imaging devices, networking devices, PC parts, and hard drives, among other products. Micro Center also has the best of gaming and software products. This company also offers PC servicing and repair.

How to Enter the Micro Center Customer Satisfaction Survey

What You Will Need:

  • A computer or a mobile phone that has an internet connection.
  • Ability to understand English.
  • A valid receipt.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to www.microcentersurveys.com.
  2. Press the ‘Go’ button to take the survey.
  3. Enter the reference number at the top of your receipt and click “Take the survey.”
  4. Enter the time and date of your visit. You will find that information on your receipt.
  5. Answer the remaining questions.


If you take some time to fill the Micro Center customer satisfaction survey, you will contribute towards making Micro Center a better company. Great companies are the product of the feedback of customers. After all, Micro Center exists because of people like you. Therefore, it would be good if the company knows your needs, complaints, and compliments.

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