M&M Meat Shops Customer Satisfaction Survey

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The M&M Food Market customer satisfaction survey is a fast, simple survey designed to help the company determine customer satisfaction levels. The incentive for customers to take the survey varies, but is usually a discount of approximately $5 off the customer’s next valid purchase.

M&M Meat Shops takes survey results extremely seriously, and thankfully for customers it is very easy to complete and submit the survey. If you would like to commend a specific M&M location and/or employee, or if you experienced a negative issue the last time you shopped at M&M Meat Shops, this customer satisfaction survey is a great way to let your voice be heard.

About M&M Meat Shops

M&M Food Market, which was originally known as M&M Meat Shops, is a privately-owned franchise chain of retail stores specializing in various types of frozen food (especially meat). The company was originally founded in 1980 and is based out of Ontario, Canada. The company currently has locations in all 10 Canadian provinces, as well as in the Yukon and in the Northwest Territories.


The original goal of M&M was to provide high-quality meat at lower prices than were currently available at the time. Founding partners Michael “Mac” Voisin and Mark Nowak found out that that flash-frozen meats that contained no steroids or preservatives retained their freshness for an extended period of time, and because they could be stored for a long time they could be sold at prices comparable to those of supermarket meats.

How to Enter the M&M Meat Shops Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A computer, tablet or smart phone that is connected to the Internet.
  • A valid M&M Food Market receipt.
  • The ability to understand and type in English or French.

Enter By Online:

  1. Log on to the M&M Meat Shops customer satisfaction survey site at www.mmcustomersurvey.com.
  2. Enter the pertinent information from your receipt and click “Start”.
  3. Read the following page and click “Begin Survey”.
  4. Answer all of the questions honestly.
  5. For some questions, keep in mind that “1” means “not satisfied at all” and “5” means “extremely satisfied”.
  6. For some questions, remember that “1” means “do not agree at all” and “5” means “completely agree”.
  7. For some questions, answer “1” for “not likely at all” and “5” for “very likely”.
  8. When prompted, feel free to write in any additional information you feel is relevant to the survey.
  9. At the end of the survey, write down the validation code provided to you. You may use this validation code to receive $5 off your next valid purchase at M&M Meat Shops.


Completing the M&M Meat Shops survey takes just a couple of minutes, and the company considers your input highly valuable. If you are an M&M meat Shops customer then consider using your recent receipt to give your opinion via the survey – the company will appreciate your opinion, and you’ll also get a few dollars off your next M&M Meat Shops purchase.

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