M&M’S World Guest Experience Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

The M&M’S World Guest Experience Survey is designed to gauge the minds of loyal customers. If you are a fan of these delicious sweets, you will definitely want to leave your feedback. The survey contains questions that will determine how well the M&M’S products are doing. So, you should be truthful when answering. This is especially true when you have some negative feedback or there’s something you didn’t like about any of their products. Irrespective of whether your feedback is good or bad, it is ultimately constructive.

The survey is not lengthy and contains the most pertinent questions needed to determine how customers feel about M&M’S. Your feedback will be used to improve on their products so that you can enjoy even better and more delicious products from M&M’S. This is why you should be honest even if what you have to say is not positive.

About M&M’S World

M&M’S World stores are based in five different locations namely Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, London and Shanghai. Each store in each of these different locations offers a unique experience for the family. Your kids will have so much fun creating their own M&M’S. They can personalize them with vibrant colors and icons. This is a fantastic experience for your kids. It is also a great hand on and interactive experience for them.


Taking you kids to any of these five wonderful M&M’S World stores guarantees to keep them entertained for hours on end. There are various other activities that kids can participate in aside from making their own M&M’S. These really are great places for kids to have the time of their lives.

How to Enter the M&M’S World Guest Experience Survey

What You Will Need:

  • You will firstly need a link to the survey.
  • You will need your receipt from M&M’S World.
  • You need to have an Internet connection.
  • You need a smart device like a phone, tablet or computer.
  • You need a few minutes free to answer the survey questions.

Enter By Online:

  1. Follow this link to the survey www.mmsworld.com/storesurvey.
  2. Enter the survey code for your receipt.
  3. Answer all 16 questions and then submit your survey.
  4. At the end of the survey, you will receive a coupon for 10% off your next in-store or online purchase!


M&M’S World is a great chain store specializing in chocolate, candy, clothes, apparel and even kitchen ware jewelry and glass items. M&M’S are known and loved by kids all over the world. The idea of going to an M&M’S World store would simply fill your kids with delight. The M&M’S World Guest Experience Survey is designed to get into the minds of new and existing customers, so M&M’S could delicious and guilt free.

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