Mooyah Customer Satisfaction Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

Have you recently been to Mooyah for one of the delicious burgers? Then you should participate in this survey to let them know how your visit went. Mooyah is constantly trying to find new ways of connecting with the customers. They would like to know what you think of their menu items and how much you like or dislike them. This survey will help them improve on various aspects of the business.

So, whether you adore their burgers or would like them to add other food items to the menu, you should leave your feedback. It doesn’t matter whether it is positive or negative since all feedback and suggestions are used productively. At the end of the surveys, Mooyah has one goal in mind and that is to make the brand everything you feel it should be.

About Mooyah

Mooyah is a fast food chain in Texas, that is growing exponentially. The very first Mooyah was opened in 2007 and 7 years later, they have more than 50 locations in various locations. At present, Mooyah has 100 restaurants in different locations and this is a major accomplishment by anyone’s standards. Mooyah specializes in quick and delicious, authentic American meals. In 2013, their burger was voted ‘best burger’ by Dllas Child.


Mooyah is a great place to dine. Not only is the atmosphere light hearted and conducive to family time, but the food is great too. They believe in only using fresh and natural ingredients in their food. So, you can also expect to have beef that has never been frozen, real ice cream in milkshakes and hand cut french fries any time you order one of their meals. This is how serious they are about their food.

How to Enter the Mooyah Customer Satisfaction Survey

What You Will Need:

  • You will need Internet access.
  • Access to a PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • The ability to understand English.
  • An invoice from Mooyah.
  • A survey invitation code which is printed on the invoice.
  • A few minutes to answer the survey questions.

Enter By Online:

  1. To begin the survey follow this link
  2. Enter the Month, date and year of your visit.
  3. You will then be prompted to enter your invoice number and survey code.
  4. You should then be prompted to answer a few questions about your last experience at Mooyah.
  5. If there is anything that is not covered in the survey, you are free to leave your feedback and suggestions at the end.

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