Ask Italian Customer Experience Survey

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The InMoment is responsible for many business surveys, yet none of them are alike. This is because each business is looking for specific answers, which helps dictate each survey. InMoment has been working on survey development projects for a long time and has earn the trust of many companies. One major factor that has helped InMoment’s reputation amongst companies is its commitment to personalized surveys to ensure companies like Ask Italian to get exactly what they want.

The Ask Italian Customer Experience Survey that was created by InMoment was made to not only measure customer’s approval but also to get a feeling of the way the company’s brand is perceived. The survey was also formulated to figure out how customers are treated by employees. This company understands that a major factor in the way customers perceive their brand rests on their employees. Consistent weaknesses in employees exposes a pattern that Ask Italian can later rectify. This was one goal this survey was meant to highlight among many other things.

About Ask Italian

Ask Italian is known as ASK by most British people. This is a casual dining restaurant chain that is based in Britain. Of course, its focus is on authentic Italian cuisine, and it has garnered a positive reputation amongst diners in the UK. The reputation has been so positive that the restaurant chain now owns more than 120 locations throughout the entire United Kingdom, which is no easy feat.


The chain had humble beginnings as it was started by the Kaye brothers named Adam and Samuel. This was back in the early 1990s. The partnership grew from something small to something a lot larger through mergers and additional partnerships in a few short years. Some wonder how the name came about. Some say that it was simply made up of the founder’s initials, which does make sense, but there are others who think it’s an acronym. Those who think the name is an acronym believe that it stands for “Authentic Sicilian Kitchen,” but the mystery has not been solved as of yet.

How to Enter the Ask Italian Customer Experience Survey

You Will Need:

  • Some kind of device that grants internet access.
  • Must be able to understand English.
  • Need to have access to the original receipt.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to in order to start the survey.
  2. Try your best to remember all the events to give an accurate account.
  3. You are going to need to enter the 12-digit code from the receipt to start the survey.
  4. Personal contact information will be asked. This will be helpful if someone needs to contact you.
  5. Will need to keep the survey completion code so that you can claim the £5 off your next visit for completing the survey.
  6. Remember to be as honest as possible because an honest opinion can help improve your favorite Italian cuisine.

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