Tell Starbucks Customer Survey

The Tell Starbucks Customer Survey, powered by InMoment, Inc., is a tool designed to gauge the satisfaction level of Starbucks consumers. Customer satisfaction surveys are an essential part of customer relations and it also allows a business to hear first-hand feedback directly from their customers so they know if they are meeting, exceeding or failing their customer’s expectations.

The survey, available at, allows Starbucks to identify problems that are keeping their customers from being satisfied as well as areas in which they are keeping them happy. Satisfied customers are much more likely to return and to tell others to do business there as well, which is a major goal for all businesses. Reaching a high level of customer satisfaction is a benchmark goal of Starbucks and by taking just a few minutes of time to fill out their survey, you enhance your own customer experience as well.

About Starbucks

The Starbucks Corporation was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest global coffee company in the world today. The American chain of coffee houses enjoys an annual revenue of almost 20 billion dollars every year. To date, you can find Starbucks in nearly every country spanning the globe with over 23,000 shops open for business and employs almost 300,000 people. The very first Starbucks that was opened outside of North America was in Tokyo, Japan. Now, over one-third of all Starbucks coffee houses are open overseas. Starbucks Corporation strives to do business at the highest quality level possible and uses ethically-sourced products for all of its offerings.


Starbucks coffee houses are well-known for its house and specialty coffees and their signature trademark of writing the customer’s name on their coffee cup. They serve both hot and iced coffees as well as fresh food in 2008, the Starbucks Corporation started a website to collect customer’s thoughts and ideas for new coffee-related drinks and beverages. There are many new drink suggestions that often get to the point of being voted on to see if it’s a popular enough idea to make the Starbucks menu.

How to Participate in the Tell Starbucks Customer Survey

You Will Need:

  • Internet access.
  • Your most recent Starbucks receipt.
  • Three to five minutes of time.


  1. Access the Tell Starbucks Customer Survey by visiting
  2. Choose your preferred language – English, Greek, Romanian, English
    (Romanian), Bulgarian or English (Bulgarian).
  3. With your most recent Starbucks receipt in hand, find the customer code at the bottom of your receipt and enter it in the appropriate space to get started.
  4. Based on your most recent Starbucks experience, answer all proceeding questions as honestly and candidly as you can.

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