Jiffy Lube Customer Survey

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The Jiffy Lube Customer Survey, powered by InMoment, Inc., is a tool designed to gauge the satisfaction level of Jiffy customer’s. This is a powerful marketing technique utilized by companies who care about what their customers have to say and how well they are meeting or exceeding the needs of their customers. If customers are unsatisfied and leaving Jiffy Lube stores unhappy, the survey allows the management to know about so they can fix any problem areas or potential issues. Likewise, if customers are happy and highly satisfied with their shopping experience at Jiffy Lube, the company needs to know that as well so they can continue their high-level of performance.

The Jiffy Lube Customer Survey is used by the company to identify what is keeping their customers loyal and bringing their return business to them. It also allows them to identify what is making their customers unhappy so that they can take actionable steps to improve any poor satisfaction rates. Customer satisfaction surveys only take a few minutes of time and provide valuable insight and feedback straight from the customer.

About Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is a wholly owned subsidiary franchise chain of automotive oil change specialty shops. It has been owned and operated by Royal Dutch Shell since 2002 and currently headquartered in Houston, Texas. The first Jiffy Lube store opened its doors in Utah in 1971. There are currently over 2,200 shop locations throughout the United States and Canada. The current shops are owned independently by 252 separate operators and enjoy over 24 million customers each year.


In 2011, Jiffy Lube rolled out a new innovative program that determined the best schedule for oil changes for each individual driver based on several variables such as the type of car they drive, how many miles they drive on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, manufacturer recommendations, and other driving habits. This differs than the industry standard of having an oil change every 3,000 miles and has earned Jiffy Lube several top spots and awards in the automotive industry.

How to Enter the Jiffy Lube Customer Survey

You Will Need:

  • A few minutes of time.
  • Internet access.
  • Your most recent Jiffy Lube store invoice.
  • Ability to read English.

Enter By Online:

  1. Access the Jiffy Lube Customer Survey by visiting www.myjiffyfeedback.com.
  2. Enter the store number found on your Jiffy Lube invoice.
  3. Enter the invoice number found on the top left-hand corner of your invoice.
  4. Answer all proceeding questions as accurately and honestly as you can.
  5. Write down the redemption code on your invoice used for the survey to redeem its reward during your next Jiffy Lube purchase.

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