Krispy Kreme Philippines Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Krispy Kreme Philippines Guest Satisfaction Survey wants to feel the pulse of the Filipino consumers. Tell them what you think about their donuts and other products by answering the questions with candor.

You can find a link to the survey below. Just follow the instructions and use the information printed on the receipt. You should finish it in no time at all. Survey Details

Survey Name Krispy Kreme Philippines Guest Satisfaction Survey
Survey Official Website
Survey Prize Get a Free Coupon
Entry Method By Online
Coupon Expiry Date 90 days from receipt date
Offer Limit One coupon per person per purchase

About Krispy Kreme


Donuts are extremely popular in the US and Krispy Kreme is among the most favorite brands. The chain has spread its wings to other countries including the Philippines. There are branches in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

It was founded in 1937 in North Carolina by Vernon Rudolph. Its headquarters can now be found in Virginia and its owner is a company based in Luxembourg. There are about a thousand locations worldwide which bring in about half a billion dollars in annual revenues.

How to Enter the Krispy Kreme Philippines Guest Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A receipt from Krispy Kreme.
  • A few minutes to respond to the questions.
  • A web-enabled device.
  • A reliable Internet connection.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to the survey site at
  2. Get your receipt and copy the survey code into the text box provided. You can click the link to the privacy policy or the START button to proceed.
  3. Enter the date and time of your visit as indicated in the receipt.
  4. Describe the nature of your order: dine in or carry out.
  5. Rate your overall satisfaction with the Krispy Kreme branch that you went to.
  6. Indicate the items that you ordered by marking them off.
  7. Tell them who you bought the items for and whether you were accompanied with children under 10.
  8. Rate your level of satisfaction with the taste of the food and drinks, the accuracy of the order, the speed of the service, the friendliness of the employees, and so on.
  9. From what you’ve witnessed, rate the likelihood that you will come back and recommend the place to other people.
  10. Mention any problems that you might have encountered during this visit.
  11. Indicate the number of donuts you purchased and their types.
  12. Indicate the total amount you spent at the restaurant.
  13. Tell them whether this was your first visit to the chain. If not, indicate the frequency of your visits and the approximate date of your first visit.
  14. Indicate the frequency of your visits to similar restaurants as listed.
  15. Select your main reason for this particular visit to the branch.
  16. Answer the rest of the questions regarding time of travel, alternatives, and decision-making process.

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