Mothercare Customer Satisfaction Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

The Mothercare Customer Satisfaction Survey is a series of questions about your experience at the Mothercare store that you can answer if you want to participate. What the survey does is it provides the company with insight on your experience with the products, customer service efforts, store cleanliness and the like. The company designs the survey batteries so that it can continue to work hard to meet your needs. You can help Mothercare stay up to par by completing the survey and letting them know how you feel.

The survey probably does not take more than five minutes to complete. You will be doing the business a service by completing it. The business takes the information that it sees in the surveys and uses it to make changes that can accommodate the customers on a large scale. Every survey counts toward a formula to create the most enjoyable shopping experience possible. Your contribution will help shape the future of the store, and it will earn you a pretty cool incentive if you want one.

About Mothercare

The Mothercare site is a carrier of all things mommy. Women can find a wide variety of items for their babies such as strollers, clothing, bedding, nursery furniture, car seats and the like. Mothercare is a global company that opened its very first store way back in 1961. The establishment is committed to providing mothers with everything that they need to bring their children into the world fulfilled. Mothercare even provides apps, discounts and incentives to ensure that their customers can obtain what they desire to obtain. They want to see the children come into the world with attractive furniture, nice clothing, and only the very best protective items.


Mothercare’s true vision is to be able to meet the ever-growing demand of its customers. The company continues to put efforts into providing 24/7 sales and service or anyone who has purchased products. The company also continues to improve its shipping, tracking and notification system so that customers know the location of their orders at all times. They continue to improve the quality of every product, as well.

How to Enter the Mothercare Guest Satisfaction Survey

You will need:

  • A mobile phone, laptop or tablet with a good Internet connection.
  • The receipt from your purchase if applicable.
  • The ability to read and understand the English language.

Enter By Online:

  1. Mothercare made taking the test simple because they wanted to provide their customers with a way to provide quick answers.
  2. Visit
  3. Answer the first question about your purchases.
  4. Fill in the information from your receipt.
  5. Answer all the questions that the survey asks.
  6. Receive your prize.

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