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The ShopRite Customer Experience Survey is the newest survey created by Service Management Group or SMG. This survey-making company has been carefully crafting several questionnaires for different companies for a long time. SMG knows how important these surveys can be, especially when done right, which is the reason they are committed to being as helpful as possible.

SMG is focused on creating surveys that might reveal weaknesses in employee training or surveys that could show how the brand is being perceived by patrons. In short, a good survey could be very revealing. A company like ShopRite knows this, which is the reason they trusted SMG with this task. The ShopRite Customer Experience Survey was created for a specific purpose and, in the end, it is meant to help the company make improvements.

About ShopRite

ShopRite is a supermarket chain that is quite popular in the United States. The market used to be known as Shop-Rite or Shop Rite. The retailer is a cooperative or co-op that grew in popularity in the Northeastern part of the country. There are many stores in states like New Jersey, New York, and Delaware just to name a few. This makes sense because the store is based in Keasbey, New Jersey.

At the moment, there are more than 290 stores throughout the country. The company is considered the largest food retailer in the state of New Jersey, and it has held this title for almost two decades. It is also considered the number one food retailer in the metropolitan area of New York. It seems that the company is not slowing down as it wants to take over other states like Philadelphia. It has been able to do this by making sure that it brings the kinds of foods that its customer base expects at reasonable prices.


How to Enter the ShopRite Customer Experience Survey

You Will Need:

  • A device that has a reliable connection to the Internet.
  • A good understanding of the English language though there is an option for Spanish speakers.
  • Will need the receipt.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit to begin the short survey.
  2. Try to recollect as much as possible about the visit.
  3. The survey may request personal information such as contact information and a name.
  4. Will need to enter information printed on the receipt like the register number, transaction number, and the date.

Enter By Online Video:


Entering your personal information helps ensure that ShopRite can contact you should there be any follow-up questions or rewards. Remember to save your confirmation code for future reference. Be sure to be as honest as possible so that you can help ShopRite become a better store for you and all customers.

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