Zaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Restaurants need to hear directly from their customers to ensure that their satisfaction level is always high. They need to check if the taste of their food appeals to their customers or not because of the soaring competition in the food industry. The intense competition in the food industry makes it all the more important for a restaurant management to find out what new tastes people want to try and what they think of a restaurant’s existing menu, food quality, ambience, prices, and customer service.

The best way to ask customers their opinions is via an online survey, which gives customers a chance to speak their mind and share their honest suggestions. That’s what Zaxbys is doing in order to bridge the communication gap between the restaurant’s management and the customers. Zaxbys wants to serve its customers in a way that sets the restaurant aside from the prevailing competition in the food industry. And with the help of the Zaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey, the restaurant has somewhat managed to do that.

About Zaxbys

Zaxbys is an American chain of restaurants that’s famous for serving world-class chicken wings. Besides the wings, Zaxbys serves sandwiches, chicken fingers, Texas toast, French fries, salads, and a variety of soups, appetizers, and desserts. Zaxbys is also one of the few restaurants that have a separate menu for kids.

Zaxbys was founded in 1990 in Statesboro, Georgia. After nearly 30 years, it has more than 800 restaurants in 18 states. Although the restaurant is highly regarded for its upbeat and casual brand personality in all 18 states, its popularity remains unparalleled in the Southern U.S.


How to Enter the Zaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey

Enter By Online:

  1. Log on to to participate in the Zaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  2. Enter the time of your visit, the amount spent, and the survey code. You’ll find all this information printed on your receipt.
  3. Based on your most recent visit to Zaxbys, answer all the questions honestly.
  4. Enter your name and contact details if you wish to enter in the sweepstakes contest and win $1,000 daily.
  5. Enter a detailed comment on Zaxbys services.

Terms & Conditions

  • You have 10 chances to win a cash prize of $1,000 daily.
  • You can win other instant prizes as well if you participate in the Zaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • The average retail value of instant prizes is $1,500.
  • There are no purchases required to enter the sweepstakes.


Customer satisfaction surveys are an important tool that allows restaurants to consider the good and bad experiences of the customers and decide on what they need to do to impress them. If you recently dined at Zaxbys, share your personal opinion with the Zaxbys management by participating in the survey. Remember, the survey is not meant to report an unsatisfactory experience only. If you enjoyed dining at Zaxbys, don’t forget to share your experience and point out the strengths that Zaxbys must never let go of.

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