Nando’s Customer Feedback Survey

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The Nando’s Customer Feedback Survey is designed to gather the feedback and experience of the popular chain restaurant’s customers in an effort to provide continuous improvements not only in terms of food quality but in terms of service excellence as well. Both negative and positive opinions are welcomed, provided the feedback is honest and fair. Only candid responses can have the desired outcome of genuine improvement.

Surveys such as these provide Nando’s employees with the information they need to gain insight into customer experience. Negative feedback offers room for improvement whereas positive feedback offers a glimpse into what sort of performance should be continued.

About Nando’s

In 1987, the first Nando’s restaurant opened in South Africa. The eatery was an almost-instant success, soon becoming famous for its flame-grilled chicken. At the time, not many other restaurants featured the same unique PERi PERi taste, afforded by the spicy African Birds Eye Chilli. A few short years later, in 1994, the first Nando’s branch opened its doors in Richmond, B.C. Since then the chain has spread not only throughout Canada but the rest of the world as well.


While the unique flavor of Nando’s flame-grilled chicken has certainly made its mark, it is the warm Afro-Portuguese hospitality and heritage of the chain that keeps customers coming back for more. Nando’s chicken can be ordered according to a “PERi-ometer” ranging from plain, herbed flavors to extra hot seasoning best suited to the truly brave. In addition to the traditional chicken pieces, customers can choose from a selection of wraps, pitas, and sandwiches. The Nando’s menu offers some variation from one restaurant to the next, creating a unique dining experience for all.

How to Enter the Nando’s Customer Feedback Survey

You will need:

  • A mobile device or computer with internet access.
  • A valid Nando’s receipt with a clearly marked survey code.
  • A strong grasp of the English language and ability to communicate clearly.

Enter By Online:

  1. Visit the Nando’s Customer Feedback Survey website at or
  2. Fill in your order number, time of visit, date of visit, amount of purchase, and survey code.
  3. Complete the survey that follows.
  4. Answer each question honestly and candidly.
  5. Once the survey is complete, make a note of your unique code should it be required for the redemption of any special offers.


Completing the Nando’s Customer Feedback Survey not only assists the restaurant but improves the customer experience overall. The survey platform offers participants the opportunity to give their honest and valuable opinions; a chance to provide feedback that will make a genuine difference.

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