Nando’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

———-The Survey is now Closed!———-

The Nando’s Guest Satisfaction Survey is there to get the sentiment of those who dine at the restaurant. If you have recently gone to one of their branches, consider joining to register your thoughts and get a chance to win in the monthly sweepstakes.

The short survey will ask you simple questions about the dining experience. Candid answers will be appreciated by the management as these helps them improve. You can find a link to the site below.

About Nando’s Canada

A lot of global restaurants originate from the US but Nando’s is different in that it is a proudly South African franchise. This chain has a presence in 30 countries and has more than a thousand locations all over the world. It is most known for grilled chicken in different marinades. The theme is heavily influenced by Mozambican and Portuguese culture.


The first South African restaurant was opened in 1987. It would only take seven years before the first Canadian branch would be established in Richmond. Locals loved the peri-peri chicken. Today there are about 39 locations across the country spanning three provinces.

How to Enter the Nando’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A speedy Internet service.
  • A few minutes to answer the questions.
  • A receipt from Nando’s.
  • A device for web access such as a computer.
  • Canadian residency and age of majority for sweepstakes.

Enter By Online:

  1. Go to the survey site at
  2. The first page you’ll see will alert you about the use of cookies to track information. You will also be directed to the privacy policy that will explain what happens to the details collected from the survey. Accept this to move on to the next page.
  3. You will be asked to enter 4 pieces of information from the receipt. These include the 3-digit store ID, the date, the time, and the order number. All of them will be illustrated on the page. Click START after you have completed the form.
  4. Describe nature of your order that is, whether you dined in, carried out food, or had items delivered to your doorstep.
  5. Rate your overall impression of Nando’s based on this experience.
  6. Assess the likelihood that you will come back to the place and that you will recommend it to your friends.
  7. Provide a more detailed assessment of each element of the restaurant including the service provided, the state of the establishment, and the food served.
  8. Write your suggestions for improvement and anything else that you would like the management to know.
  9. Answer questions about the demographic to which you belong.
  10. Provide your personal contact details if you wish to enter the sweepstakes.

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