Oakley Customer Satisfaction Survey

Oakley is a lifestyle brand that has survived and thrived for over 40 years. Aside from its unique slant and offbeat styles, Oakley has become the crowd favorite that it is today because of how dedicated the brand is to be meeting the customer where they are.

Eager to hear from its consumer, Oakley created the Oakley customer satisfaction survey to give a voice to the people who keep Oakley in business day after day and year after wonderful year. You can find the survey located at www.oakley.com/feedback. The survey does not take very long at all to complete. In fact, you can estimate only about 5 minutes out of your day to help make a difference in one of your favorite brands.

About Oakley

Oakley was founded in 1975 by James Jannard. The company got its roots in Jannard’s garage on only a $300 investment in getting Oakley up off the ground. The company’s namesake came from James’ English Setter, Oakley Anne. Although the company got its start in motorcycle grips, the brand is now best known for its high-quality eyewear. In fact, Oakley holds hundreds of patents for eyewear alone. However, it also possesses patents for other sports gear and innovative fashions.


In 2004, Oakley partnered with Fox Racing and by 2007, the company had been placed into a portfolio that also housed brands like Vogue, Ray Ban and Persol. In addition to its monetary successes, Oakley has found its way into popular culture, earning name drops in Billboard topping songs like Buy You a Drink by T-Pain and finding homes on the faces of thousands of celebrities around the globe.

How to Participate in the Oakley Customer Satisfaction Survey


What You Will Need:

  • Your Oakley register receipt.
  • A few moments to finish the survey.
  • An internet connection.


  1. Go to www.oakley.com/feedback.
  2. Get your receipt ready.
  3. Tell Oakley if you made a purchase at the store when you visited.
  4. If so, you will be asked to enter the date of your Oakley purchase.
  5. Enter the store number located on your receipt.
  6. Enter the receipt number.
  7. Re-enter this number to verify that your information is correct.
  8. Select your age range from the drop-down box.
  9. Enter the characters that you see in the box to confirm that you are not a spam bot. Click submit.
  10. Answer the remaining questions specific to your Oakley visit to make a difference in the future of Oakley production and customer satisfaction.

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Oakley is a brand that has stood the test of time. It has rocketed so far ahead of its time not only because it cares about its consumer but also because it cares enough to go against the current of mainstream design. Take the time out of your day today to tell Oakley what you love… and what needs a little work. They really care about what you think and you just might be the voice that improves on an already iron-clad punk/alternative classic. Imagine that.

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