hmv Customer Satisfaction Survey

The hmv Customer Satisfaction Survey is part of the company’s efforts to keep the business alive in these increasingly challenging times. They specialize in selling physical media for entertainment and have hundreds of locations across Canada.

The advent of online media services has made business difficult and has required reorganization to deal with the situation. The company has had to adapt to the new realities. They use feedback to try to improve their services and be more responsive to consumer needs.

About HMV

HMV is a chain of retail stores specializing in entertainment products. It stands for His Masters Voice with the logo of a dog listening to a gramophone. This classic logo was picked because the business began in England back in 1921. They had a store in Oxford Street which sold radio sets, television sets, and other products which were popular at the time. It then sold music products like CDs, film products like DVDs, video games, magazines, and related tech products. The business expanded to other countries such as Hong Kong and Canada.


HMV Canada was founded in 1986 where the acronym is known to stand for “hot music values”. This was in the middle of the MTV boom and the music industry was selling albums like hotcakes. The company was awarded Canadian Retailer of the Year for two decades. The trend continued for a while but the advent of online media consumption took a toll on the business, among other factors. Many of its stores have closed with some locations set to be leased by Sunrise Records.

How to Participate in the hmv Customer Satisfaction Survey


You Will Need:

  • A reliable Internet connection.
  • A device capable of browsing the web like a PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • A receipt from hmv.
  • A few minutes to answer all survey questions.


  1. Go to the survey at
  2. Select your preferred language from either English or French.
  3. You will be taken to the welcome page which is filled with a number of information, including the perks provided to those who provide their feedback on the site.
  4. If you wish to push through with the survey, prepare your receipt from your latest visit to a hmv store. This will contain details that you will have to enter to proceed. These include the date of your date of visit, the time indicated on the receipt, the amount spent, and the survey code. All of them are indicated on the graphic with pink highlights.
  5. Click “Enter” and go to the survey proper. Answer all the questions with candor including your overall impression of the store, its products, and its services.
  6. Provide your email address to get notifications from the company.

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HMV has been part of Canada’s entertainment scene as a reliable retailer of the latest music records and blockbuster films. If you continue to consume these physical media, then consider joining the survey to share your thoughts about your experience.

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