Réno-Dépôt Customer Satisfaction Survey

Réno-Dépôt has been providing its customers high-quality products and customer service since it started its operations in 1993. This is among the reasons why the company is still serving customers all over Canada 24 years down the line. The company needs your feedback in order to continue providing top of the range services. This is the reason why this survey is being conducted. Surveys are important as they are among the ways that a company can see how it is perceived by the customers. The Réno-Dépôt Customer Satisfaction Survey will help the company gauge itself and determine how to improve the quality of its services in order to fully satisfy the needs of the clients.

Among the things that the survey will do is highlight some of the things that affect the quality of services provided by Réno-Dépôt. The customers who will take part in the survey will have an opportunity to speak on their satisfaction and the things they dislike about the company. This will help the company know whether customers are happy with the services and staff. The survey will also point out the aspects of the company that clients are not satisfied with. Réno-Dépôt plans to use the feedback received from this survey to make better decisions and improve the quality of its services in the future.

About Réno-Dépôt

Réno-Dépôt commenced its operations on March 31, 1993. This was the day that its first store opened its doors to clients. The said store was located in Brossard, on Montreal’s South Shore. This was the first store in Quebec that only dealt with home improvement items. No other store in Quebec came closer to Réno-Dépôt. This is because other stores sold typical products that could be found just anywhere.


The main aim of Réno-Dépôt since its inception has been to offer the largest selection of items for gardening and home improvement at very friendly prices. The items stocked at its stores are unique and of the highest quality. You can never miss an item you need, whether it is for home improvement or gardening at Réno-Dépôt stores.

How to Participate in the Réno-Dépôt Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A mobile device or computer with Internet access.
  • A basic understanding of English or French.


  1. To take part in the survey, simply visit www.opinion.renodepot.com.
  2. Recall the last time you shopped at any of the Réno-Dépôt stores and the quality of the product you bought. Also, remember how you were served by the staff. Réno-Dépôt is looking for honest feedback.
  3. Begin the survey and answer all questions.
  4. At the end of the survey, you could win &1000 in Réno-Dépôt gift cards.

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Réno-Dépôt looks forward to continuing with providing you with high-quality products and the best customer services. By taking part in this survey, you will have helped the company achieve this.

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